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The C-numerical range of matrices is star-shapedCheung, WS; Tsing, NK1996168
Calculation of Laypunov ExponentsCheung, WS; Osipenko, G1998209
Calculus of Variations and Exterior Differential SystemsCheung, WS1998190
Calculus of Variations via Exterior Differential SystemsCheung, WS2002204
A cancellation conjecture for free associative algebrasDrensky, V; Yu, JT200864
Cancellation problems and dimension theoryBelov, A; Yu, JT200695
Cardinality of Binary Operations: A Remark on the Ubiquitous SumLeung, IKC; Ching, WK2009108
Cartan Form via an Exterior Differential Systems ApproachCheung, WS; Wong, CW2002191
Cartan-Fubini type extension of holomorphic maps for Fano manifolds of Picard number 1Hwang, JM; Mok, N2001266
Centralized versus decentralized manpower resource planning. The case of a Hong Kong companyChu, Sydney CK; Lin, Carrie KY; Ng, Kevin YK199189
Characteristic classes on complex manifolds and Chern-number inequalities on compact Kähler surfacesYang, Chen; 楊晨2004429
Characterization and deformation-rigidity of compact irreducible Hermitian symmetric spaces of rank >=2 among Fano manifoldsHwang, J; Mok, N199898
A characterization of almost CIS graphsWu, Y; Zang, W; Zhang, CQ2009180
A characterization of box-mengerian matroid portsChen, X; Ding, G; Zang, W2008138
Characterization of certain holomorphic geodesic cycles on Hermitian locally symmetric manifolds of noncompact typeEyssidieux, P; Mok, N1995119
Characterization of certain holomorphic geodesic cycles on quotients of bounded symmetric domains in terms of tangent subspacesMok, N2002307
Characterization of smooth Schubert varieties in rational homogeneous manifolds of Picard number 1Mok, N; Hong, J201327
Characterization of standard embeddings between complex Grassmannians by means of varieties of minimal rational tangentsMok, N200891
Chinese arithmetic in the eyes of a British missionary and calculus in the eyes of a Chinese mathematician: Collaboration between Alexander Wylie (1815-1887) and LI shan-lan (1811-1882)Chan, Y C; Siu, MK201245
Chord power integrals and radial mean bodiesXiong, G; Cheung, WS2008314
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