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Backward errors for eigenproblem of two kinds of structured matricesXu, WW; Li, W; Ching, WK; Chen, YM2010127
Behavioral optimal insuranceSung, KCJ; Yam, SCP; Yung, SP; Zhou, JH2011112
Best Uniform Convex Approximation on a Compact Convex SetChan, JT1994113
Birational morphisms of the planeShpilrain, V; Yu, JT200470
Birationality of the tangent map for minimal rational curvesHwang, JM; Mok, N2004140
Bisectional Curvature of Complements of Curves in P2Wong, P; Wong, PPW2005108
Bisectional curvature of complements of curves in ℙ2Wong, PM; Wong, PPW200554
Black and WhiteThe University of Hong Kong; Ching, Wai Ki2004382
Block diagonal and schur complement preconditioners for block-toeplitz systems with small size blocksChing, WK; Ng, MK; Wen, YW2007259
Block toeplitz type preconditioners for elliptic problemWong, Chiu-kwong.; 王朝光1994199
Bohr's inequalities for Hilbert space operatorsCheung, WS; Pečarić, J2006198
Bohr's Inequalities in n-Inner Product SpacesCheung, WS; Cho, YJ; Pecaric, J; Zhao, D2007203
Bonds with parity constraintsChen, X; Ding, G; Yu, X; Zang, W2012215
Bottleneck problems in combinatorics and optimizationLeung, Pak-kin, Richard; 梁柏堅1998253
Boundary stabilization of a flexible manipulator with rotational inertiaGuo, BZ; Wang, J; Yung, SP2005127
Boundary value methods for solving transient solutions of Markovian queueing networksChan, RH; Ma, KC; Ching, WK2006136
Bounds and exact values in network encoding complexity with two sinksXu, L; Han, G201164
Bounds and exact values in network encoding complexity with two sinksXu, L; Han, G201176
Bounds for inclusion measures of convex bodiesXiong, G; Cheung, WS; Li, DY2008241
Bounds on the dimension of L2 holomorphic sections of vector bundles over complete Kähler manifolds of finite volumeMok, N198644
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