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Affine Algebraic Geometry, Contemparary Mathematics, Special Session On Affine Algebraic Geometry At The First Joint AMS-RSME Meeting, Seville, Spain, June 18-21, 2003Yu, J; Gutierrez, J; Shpilrain, V2005116
Affine varieties with equivalent cylindersShpilrain, V; Yu, JT2002133
Algorithm Theory and ApplicationsZang, W2006131
Algorithms and complexity analyses for control of singleton attractors in Boolean networksTamura, T; Hayashida, M; Akutsu, T; Zhang, SQ; Ching, WK2008250
Algorithms for finding small attractors in boolean networksZhang, SQ; Hayashida, M; Akutsu, T; Ching, WK; Ng, MK2007192
Algorithms for some combinatorial optimization problemsChen, Qin; 陈琴2011255
Algorithms for the minimum cost flow problemLam, Yan-yan; 林欣欣2004702
Algorithms to determine tame and wild coordinates of Z[x,y]Lam, Chi-ming; 藍志明2003350
The aliquot constantBosma, W; Kane, B201221
An exceptional set problem on diagonal quadratic equations in three prime variablesLeung, Man-cheung.; 梁敏翔1991240
An exceptional set problem on some binary additive equationsChiu, Shung-fu.; 趙崇富1994166
An operations research model and algorithm for a production planning applicationSo, Mee-chi, Meko.; 蘇美子2002269
An optimization algorithm for clustering using weighted dissimilarity measuresChan, Yat-ling.; 陳逸靈.2003361
Analyses and algorithms for predecessor and control problems for boolean networks of bounded indegreeAkutsu, T; Hayashida, M; Zhang, SQ; Ching, WK; Ng, MK2008253
Analyses of the operational performance of Maternal and Child Health (MCH) services in Hong KongChu, SCK; Ho, MPP; Lee, KKY199969
Analysis for Strategy of Closed-loop Supply Chain with Dual Recycling ChannelHuang, M; Song, M; Lee, L; Ching, WK201318
Analysis of displacement errors in high-resolution image reconstruction with multisensorsNg, MKP; Bose, NK20021,087
Analysis of moral hazard in virtual enterprise based on probability constraintsChen, G; Huang, M; Ching, WK201069
Analysis of moral hazard in Virtual Enterprise based on random constraintsChen, G; Huang, M; Ching, WK201083
Analysis of the impact degree distribution in metabolic networks using branching process approximationTakemoto, K; Tamura, T; Cong, Y; Ching, WK; Vert, JP; Akutsu, T2012120
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