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On 'shui' (water) in the sense of money in Hong Kong CantoneseLuke, KK; Zhang, Z2001112
On analogical and metaphorical genitives in Modern ChineseLuke, KK2002103
On Cantonese causative constructions: iconicity, grammaticalization and semantic structuresLi, Kin-ling, Michelle.; 李健靈2002289
On Cantonese learners' handing of phonetic length in JapaneseSagayama, Junko.2005376
On dative constructions in Cantonese and ThaiMatthews, SJ; Leung, TC2002132
On Demonstrative InterjectionsLuke, KK2001118
On demonstrative interjections in CantoneseLuke, KK2002116
On demonstrative interjections in Chinese dialectsLuke, KK2005319
On Grammar and Discourse: An Alternative Approach to the Study of CantoneseLuke, KK200487
On kinship terms in Sino-Tibetan languages and Chinese dialectsLuke, KK; Zhang, H2001107
On loanword truncation in CantoneseLuke, KK; Lau, CM200891
On noun-verb overlapping in CantoneseYeung, Lau-luk, Margery.; 楊柳綠1999394
On recent developments in the study of conversational turn-takingLeung, Man-ling.; 梁敏聆.2003515
On serial verb constructions in CantoneseMatthews, SJ200693
On serial verbs in CantoneseMatthews, SJ200376
On the COMP function in CantoneseBodomo, AB; Lee, YM200198
On the COMP function in CantoneseBodomo, AB; Lee, YM200274
On the function COMP in Cantonese. A.B. Bodomo and K.K. Luke (eds)Bodomo, AB; Lee, YM200399
On the grammaticalization of nominalizers into pragmatic particles: An East and Southeast Asian PerspectiveYap, FH; Matthews, SJ; Horie, K200272
On the origins of Macanese reduplicationAnsaldo, U; Matthews, SJ200290
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