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A comparative study of the meaning and importance of several constitutional cases in the highest courts of the PRC, Hong Kong, &TaiwanMorris, Robert J.2007452
A court without resort?: comparative aspects of the "Act of State" doctrine : traditional limitations on thejudiciary's power of review, and its implications for Hong Kong'scourt of final appealsLetteau, Gabrielle Tracey.1996448
A critical analysis of the marriage law of the People's Republic of ChinaPoon, Wing.; 潘榮1991360
A critical review of the present securities & futures compensation arrangements in Hong KongLuff, John Alfred.1991309
A study on the work of the obscene articles tribunal of Hong Kong froma human rights perspectiveWong, Lai-wing.; 黃禮榮2001526
Adapting laws of contract, tax, and IP to accommodate e-commerce in Thailand: problems and recommendationsPitiyasak, Saravuth.2005345
An alternative model of e-commerce lawBlythe, Stephen Errol2010480
Arbitral power in the People's Republic of China: reality and reformWang, Wenying; 王文英2004324
ASEAN economic and political integration: legal and institutional enquires into prospects for deep integrationKe, Jingjia.; 柯静嘉.2013185
Autonomous legislatures under China's regional ethnic autonomy: law, reality and potentialXia, Chunli.; 夏春利.2008351
Banker and customer: incidents of their relationship in a changing financial worldSin, Kam Fan.; 單錦帆.1989312
Challenges and concerns on securitization of non-performing loans in China: from the state banks' perspectiveZhou, Qingqing; 周青青2001276
China consumer protection law: panacea or placebo?Chung, Kam-tong, Peter; 鍾錦棠2005261
China's antitrust measures on foreign mergers and acquisitionsLi, Jing; 李靜2008356
Combating challenges in E-business: scope and limitations of international law and national legal measures in USA and China and therole of Hong Kong as a hubRamaswamy, Muruga Perumal.2010479
Comparative studies of anti-corruption law between Hong Kong andChinaWang, Wai-hong, Kenny20031,313
Copyright protection in the People's Republic of China: a discussion of issues as discerned in the case of WuGuan Zhong v. Shanghai Do Yun Xuan and Hong Kong Yong Cheng AntiqueCompany LimitedChan, Man Yuen, Grace.1998248
Corporate governance in China's listed companies: ownership structure and market disciplinesShao, Li; 邵丽2008426
Corporate governance in China's listed companies: sinonization and agency problemsHong, Xiangxing.; 洪祥星.2010386
Corporatization: a step towards privatizationSwartz, Kristi L.1998338
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