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Undermining our judicial independence and autonomyCheung, ETM201193
Undermining Our Rights and AutonomyCheung, E1997152
Understanding Criminal Justice in Hong Kong(Book Review)Whitfort, AS2009144
An 'unhappy process': Brit Inns Ltd (In Liquidation) v BDW Trading LtdMeggitt, G201386
Unitary policy producing different outcomes at different locations - Review of trial of modernity: Judicial reform in early twentieth-century China 1901-1937 by Xu Xiaoqun and the Shanghai lawyers during modern social change by Chen TongNg, MHK200963
The University of Hong Kong's New PCLLNathanson, S; Chow, WWS; Chan, FWH2002237
Unpaid Vendor's Lien on Goods Carried By SeaChan, FWH200079
Update Of Loose-LeafWilkinson, RM; Sihombing, JE199771
Update ServiceWilkinson, RM199767
Updates No. 10 and 11Wilkinson, RM200379
Updates to Vols I & IA (August 2002, November 2002, February 2003) Updates to Vols II, IIA, IIB, IIC, IID (September 2002, November 2002, February 2003)Wilkinson, RM; Sihombing, JS200371
Updating the legal framework for railwaysMcInnis, JA1998158
The Use of Statistics in Courtroom – An Empirical Experience from Hong KongChan, FWH2007131
Vendor and purchaser summons: alive and well in Hong KongMerry, M2010318
Vocational Legal Education in Asia - Innovation, Interaction and Information TechnologyChow, WS; Ng, HKM201316
Voyage CharterpartyChan, FWH201334
Wang Xuanhui. Taxation in China 1997/98: Book ReviewsHalkyard, AJ1998312
What caused the multiplicity of international courts and tribunals?Tiba, FK200681
When Government Intervenes: Winding Up Fraudulent Companies in Hong KongBooth, CD199986
When is an architect not an architect?McInnis, A2001136
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