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Qualifying as a lawyer in Hong KongMeggitt, G201334
Quality housing — new directions at the Housing AuthorityMcInnis, JA2000160
Recent Reforms and Developments of Mainland Chinese and Hong Kong Maritime LawChan, FWH2000114
Recent Tax Cases: Review and CommentaryChow, WS200281
Reform of the civil process in Hong KongWilkinson, RM; Burton, J2000117
Reforming civil justiceMcInnis, JA1999166
Reforming HK's Animal Welfare LegislationWhitfort, AS201323
Reforming Hong Kong's Animal Welfare LawsWhitfort, AS201173
Reforming the Chinese Criminal Defence System'Whitfort, AS2003146
Reforming the Curriculum of the Postgraduate Certificate in Laws at HKU: Revolution or Evolution?Chow, WS; Jen, J; Tiba, FK201097
Regional Development of Three Network Convergence in China: A New Institutionalism PerspectiveWu, RWS; Leung, GLK201261
Registration of Titles in Hong KongWilloughby, PG; Wilkinson, RM199574
Regulatory regimes for lawyers ethics in Japan and China: a comparative studyWu, RWS; Chan, KW201228
Regulatory Regimes for Lawyers' Ethics in China and Japan: A Comparative StudyWu, RWS; Chan, KW201267
Renovations, improvements and decorations: the Building Management (Amendment) Bill 1998McInnis, JA1998165
Report on Review of General Conditions of ContractMcInnis, A2000474
Report on Review of General Conditions of Contract Part 2McInnis, A2000254
Representation of children in Hong Kong: protecting children in child protection proceedingsBurton, J200183
A Research Note on Applying the Statistical Notion of “Confidence Intervals” in Tort TrialsChan, FWH; Chan, W.S.2007104
Restraint of trade in Hong KongCarver, AR1995196
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