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The Paradigm Shift in Personal Injury Litigation in Hong Kong - Actuarial PerspectivesChan, W.S.; Chan, FWH2004124
PartneringMcInnis, JA1998166
Partnering IIMcInnis, JA1998158
PedestrianisationMcInnis, JA1999212
Personal Injury Tables Hong Kong 2005, Tables for the Calculation of DamagesSarony, N; Chan, WS; Chan, FWH2005179
Personal Injury Tables Hong Kong 2013: Tables for the Calculation of DamagesChan, WS; Chan, FWH; Li, JSH; Sarony, N2013237
Personal Injury Tables Hong Kong: Tables for the Calculation of DamagesSarony, N; Chan, W.S.; Chan, FWH2003466
A Plea for Certainty: Legal and Practical Problems in the Presentation of Non-Negotiable Bills of LadingChan, FWH1999131
Political and Legal Parameters For The Representation of Labour in Hong Kong: Change and Counter-ChangeChow, WS; Fosh, P199978
The Pong Case: Episode IIChow, WS; Lam, CS199989
The Pong Case: Final Encounter?Chow, WS; Law, CSA200089
Pre-commencement considerationsCheung, ETM201167
Pre-contractual Statements: Misrepresentations or Collateral Contracts?Young, JYK2003195
Present Value Assessment of Lost Future Earnings: An Empirical Experience from Hong KongChan, FWH; Chan, WS2009147
Presumed Guilty: Reverse burdens and the presumption of innocenceWhitfort, A; Mughal, H2008167
Presumed Innocent? New Trends in Criminal JusticeWhitfort, AS200780
PrivatisationMcInnis, JA1998163
Privilege: a Hong Kong perspectiveMeggitt, G2011153
The Professional Conduct of Lawyer In Hong Kong For PractitionersWilkinson, RM; Sandor, MR199666
The Professional Conduct of Lawyers in Hong Kong (Student Edition)Wilkinson, RM; Sandor, MR199699
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