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The impact of the global financial crisis on Broadly Based Indirect Taxation: a Chinese case studyXu, Y; Halkyard, AJ2010193
The implementation experience of Land Title Registration System in England: lessons for Hong Kong and ChinaWu, RWS2010174
The implementation experience of OFCOM in UK and its lessons for Hong KongWu, RWS; Leung, G201070
The implementation experience of unified communications regulator in UK and its lessons for Hong KongWu, RWS; Leung, GLK2010104
Implementation of land title registration system in Malaysia: Lessons for Hong KongZul, KMYB; Wu, RWS2010135
Implementation of Land Title Registration System in Malaysia: Lessons for Hong KongWu, RWS; Zul, KMYB2011123
Implementation of Three Network Convergence in China: Local Developments of 'Co-Operation' ModelsWu, RWS; Leung, GLK201320
Improving assessment practices in Hong Kong legal education: lessons from other common law jurisdictionsWu, R201064
In search of a global theory of maritime electronic commerce: china's position on the rotterdam rulesChan, FWH200957
Incorporating the Charterparty's Applicable Law Clause into Bills of LadingZhao, L; Chan, FWH201286
The IndictmentWhitfort, AS200894
The IndictmentWhitfort, AS201056
The IndictmentWhitfort, AS2009114
The IndictmentWhitfort, AS201239
The IndictmentWhitfort, AS201162
The Indictment, (Ch 1) and Evidence of Similar Facts (Ch 13).Whitfort, AS200780
Indigenous rights in disrepute: the curious case of Hong KongMerry, M2012120
Indigenous Rights in Disrepute: The Curious Case of Hong KongMerry, M201340
Inland Revenue Departmental Interpretation and Practice Note No.40:- Guidance or MisguidanceChow, WS2003146
Interlocutory or Final Orders: Pouring New Wine into Old WineskinsCheung, ETM2006180
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