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Fair valuationsMcInnis, A2000164
The First Standardized Client Initiative in Asia - University of Hong Kong's ExperienceChow, WS; Ng, HKM201317
Foreign direct investment in China: Theories and practicesNg, MHK2013150
Four days in court for a sub-sub-contractor — some easy lessonsMcInnis, JA2000162
FreightChan, FWH201338
From contempt of pettifoggers to willing cooperation with lawyers - A review of evolution of Chinese legal culture in modern times through reports by Shun Pao newspaperNg, MHK201080
From order to orphans: policing perceived in Republican Beijing (1912-1937)Ng, HKM201216
GIS in urban cultural studies: Reflections from the project on Republican BeijingSo, BKL; Ng, MHK; Zhang, P; Lin, H201271
God Moves in Extraordinary Ways: J A McInnis explains the 'act of God' defence as it is applied to floods and storms in Hong KongMcInnis, JA1997697
Government Supervision of Trade Unions in Hong Kong, Colonial Powers, Patterns of Enforcement and prospects for Change'Carver, AR; Fosh, P; Chow, WS2000113
Government Supervision of Trade Unions in Hong Kong: Colonial Powers, Pattern of Enforcement and Prospects for ChangeFosh, P; Carver, AR; Chow, WS; Ng, SH; Samuels, H1999104
Green Construction Part 1McInnis, A2001127
Green Construction Part 2McInnis, A2001114
The green paper on equal opportunities for women and men: an exercise in consultation or evasion?Petersen, CJ199482
Halsbury's Law of Hong Kong updates No. 2Wilkinson, RM200180
Halsbury's Law of Hong Kong vol 5 Parts (i) & (ii) Civil ProcedureWilkinson, RM200079
Halsbury's Laws of HK Vols 5, 5(1) and 51A Civil Procedure Issue No 48Wilkinson, RM200958
Halsbury's Laws of Hong KongChan, FWH; Rodrigues, LM2008113
Halsbury's Laws Of Hong Kong (2nd Edition) Vol 28 Family LawHotten, KR201251
Halsbury's Laws of Hong Kong Civil ProcedureWilkinson, RM201087
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