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Dealing with construction and demolition waste abroad: lessons for Hong Kong [Part I]McInnis, A; Hall-Jones, D2002203
Dealing with construction and demolition waste abroad: lessons for Hong Kong [Part II]McInnis, A; Hall-Jones, D2002146
The Death of Estate Duty? The Case for Retention and ReformHalkyard, AJ; Chow, WS2004106
Defending change by the claim of tradition – Criminal court hearing of early Republican ChinaNg, MHK201257
Delivery Reliability and Logistics Dispute Resolution in ChinaChan, FWH200296
Depiction of Lawyers and Lawyers' Ethics in Hong Kong Films and Television DramaWu, RWS; Leung, GLK201174
Derogation from orthodoxy in derogation from grantMerry, M2006134
Determining an Indeterminate SentenceWhitfort, A2003198
Developing Active Learning of Skills in Professional Legal Education - from Theory to Ethnography in Hong KongChan, FWH; Chow, WS; Wu, RWS2005103
Developing active learning of skills in professional legal education in Hong Kong: from theory to ethnographyChow, WWS; Wu, RWS; Chan, FWH2006451
Disciplining lawyer misconduct in China and Japan: a comparative study of Beijing and TokyoWu, RWS; Chan, KW201379
The discovery of documents in Hong Kong: two recent decisions in the court of first instanceMeggitt, G2012122
Disposal of actions without trialCheung, ETM201128
Diversity in ChinaAslam, FA201217
Diversity in Hong KongAslam, FA201240
Division of opinion on compound interestMcInnis, JA1997191
Do naming rights run with land?Merry, M2011212
Documentary Compliance under UCP 500, a Fault-finding Mission or a Mere Guessing exercise?Chan, FWH1999100
Documentary Compliance under UCP: A Fault Finding Mission or a Mere Guessing Exercise?Chan, FWH1999138
Does Hong Kong need a new construction law?McInnis, JA1998264
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