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Back to Work without a Bump: Retaining Employees after a Maternity LeaveAslam, FA201337
Bilingualism: Where Are We HeadingCheung, ETM2001114
Bilingualism: where are we headingCheung, ETM1999111
Bilingualism: Where Are We Heading?Cheung, ETM199999
Bills of LadingChan, FWH201345
Book Review: The Shanghai lawyers in modern social change (近代社會變遷中的上海律師), Chen Tong (陳同)Ng, MHK200968
Budget cracks down on service companiesHalkyard, AJ1995275
Building Management in Hong Kong (2nd ed)Merry, MJ; Kent, PS2008214
Building ordinance: the section 41(3) exemptionMerry, M2007510
The Building Safety Inspection SchemeMcInnis, JA1997348
Burdens of Proof, Possession of Imitation Firearms and Dangerous Drugs'Whitfort, AS2006105
Business and Human Rights in ASEANAslam, FA; Nolan, J201223
Business of justice and justice of business: The legal profession of republican BeijingNg, MHK201274
Can lawyers ever add value?McInnis, A2002102
Carriage of Passengers by SeaChan, FWH201351
The case for (and against) compulsory court-annexed mediation in Hong KongMeggitt, G2008253
Cases for Troubled TimesHalkyard, AJ1999170
The CFA and civil procedureMeggitt, G201091
Changing Perceptions of Lawyers in Hong Kong Movies and Television Dramas: An Interdisciplinary StudyWu, RWS; Leung, GLK201175
The changing regime for regulating loans of state owned banks in China: towards a system of prudential bankingWu, RWS2009125
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