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A guide to civil procedure in Hong Kong (3rd ed.)Wilkinson, RM; Cheung, ETM; Booth, CN; Meggitt, G2009124
A matter of authority but not of principle: acquisition by lessees of easements by long enjoymentMerry, M2010216
Abuse of the criminal processChan, JMM; Wilkinson, RM1995155
Accounting In Tax Law: Timing of DeductionsLam, CS; Chow, WS1998149
An actuarial approach to assessing personal injury compensations in Singapore: Theory and practiceChan, FWH; Chan, WS; Li, JSH2010203
Actuarial Assessment of Compensation Payable to the Personal Injury Victims in Maritime AccidentsChan, FWH2001126
Actuarial assessment of damages in personal injury litigation in Hong Kong: Chan Pui Ki (an infant) v. Leung OnChan, FWH; Chan, WS2000472
Actuarial assessment of damages in personal injury litigation: How precise are we?Chan, FWH; Chan, WS; Li, JSH2012258
Actuarial Assessment of Damages in Personal Injury Litigation: The Hong Kong Position and The Comparative International AspectsChan, FWH; Chan, WS2000273
Adding Realism to Professional Legal Education at the University of Hong KongChow, WS201327
Advancing Animal Welfare Laws in Hong KongWhitfort, AS2009206
Adverse possession and the principle of encroachment: Secretary for Justice v Chau Ka Chik TsoMerry, MJ2012249
Advocacy and the litigation process in Hong Kong (2nd ed.)Wilkinson, RM1995139
Advocacy and the litigation process in Hong Kong (3rd ed.)Wilkinson, RM2007155
Aeronautical charges in Hong Kong: the way forwardHeilbronn, GN; Bonsall, CJ1995126
Alternative dispute resolutionMeggitt, G201174
Amending charges in Hong Kong's criminal courts: complex or non-existent powers? A case for legislative amendmentHeilbronn, GN1996115
Animal Law in AsiaWhitfort, AS2008165
Animal Welfare Law in Hong KongWhitfort, AS2008142
AnimalsWhitfort, AS201223
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