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The Annotated Ordinances of Hong Kong,The Theft Ordinance, Cap 210Whitfort, AS2007228
The Annotated Ordinances of Hong Kong: the Homicide OrdinanceWhitfort, AS2007125
Anti-Avoidance in Hong Kong Estate Duty: From Kwok To PongChow, WS; Lam, CS1999132
Anton Piller orders, delivery up of goods & search ordersHui, N201275
AppealsCheung , ETM201129
Appropriation Set Aside: 'A Short Point of Law - But An Interesting One'Sherrin, C1999111
The Arbitration Ordinance of Hong Kong: A CommentaryMcInnis, JA1998122
Archbold Hong KongWhitfort, AS2010148
Archbold Hong Kong 2007, Fourth SupplementWhitfort, AS2007124
Archbold Hong Kong 2009, 2nd suppl.Whitfort, AS2009101
Are T'sos really trusts?Merry, M2012138
Arresting and Auctioning Vessels in the People's Republic of ChinaChan, FWH1999106
Atkin's Court Forms Hong KongCheung, ETM2010255
Attorney on trial: When lawyers met phony lawyers in republican BeijingNg, MH201181
Aut ovis aut capra: personal representative or trustee?Sherrin, C199597
Back to Work without a Bump: Retaining Employees after a Maternity LeaveAslam, FA201338
Bilingualism: Where Are We HeadingCheung, ETM2001114
Bilingualism: where are we headingCheung, ETM1999111
Bilingualism: Where Are We Heading?Cheung, ETM199999
Bills of LadingChan, FWH201345
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