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Pitch-accent of standard-JapaneseLai, Yuk-wah, Esther.; 賴玉華1983186
Pragmalinguistics: an analysis of power relations in speech actsLo, Chi-hung, Terence Patrick.; 盧志鴻.1989616
Prestige forms and phonological variation in Hong Kong Cantonese speechPan, Peter George.; 潘定邦1981187
Problems of translating contemporary Japanese comics into Chinese: the case of Crayon ShinchanYoung, Hiu-tung.; 楊曉彤.2008420
Rebellion as aestheticism: the dandyism of Charles Baudelaire and Oscar WildeGuan, Beibei.; 关贝贝.2010490
Second language reading and language transfer among engineering students at H.K.U.Partington, Ann.1981293
Some aspects of lexical variation in the Cantonese spoken in HongKongLau, Seck-may; 劉式湄.1981143
Some aspects of phonological variations in the Cantonese spoken in Hong KongYeung, Suk-wah, Helen.; 楊淑華.1981193
Some aspects of relative clauses in ChineseLi, Yun-biu.; 李潤彪.1984229
Some aspects of the learning of modern standard written Chinese by Cantonese speakers in Hong KongPoon Lau, Woon-yee, Wanda.; 潘劉煥儀.1978182
Some aspects of the ontological development of nominal classifiers in CantonesePoon, Yuen-wai, Emma.; 潘婉蕙.1981198
Some problems encountered by Cantonese speakers when learning to speakMandarinLau, Sik-ming, Irina.; 劉式明1981147
Some problems in the written English of lower-sixth form students in Hong Kong: a study of errors made in the verbgroupChan, Kin-han, Barbara.; 陳建嫻.1987286
Some reading problems of post-secondary students in Hong Kong: a preliminary studyCheung, Lai-ping, Nancy.; 張麗萍.1984221
Speech in Harold Pinter's The caretakerCkark, Kesley Denise.1987465
Studies in bilingual educationLord, Robert; Tsou, Ka-yin, Benjamin; University of Hong Kong. Language Centre.1977379
Syntactic interference among Cantonese speakers learning GermanAnderson, David Robert.1978233
Syntactic variation as linguistic data: a critical analysis of a study by Elliott, Legum and ThompsonKaye, Doris Patricia.1984179
The acquisition process of Cantonese phonology: a case studyTse, Chung-yee, Andrew.; 謝宗義1991435
The BA-construction in modern standard Chinese: some problems of constraintChan, Kin-hong.; 陳健康.1984313
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