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Hong Kong police jargon and some sociolinguistic correlatesYuen, King-cheung.; 袁敬祥.1981353
Hongkong papers in linguistics and language teaching.University of Hong Kong. Language Centre.1991135
Japanese from China: the zanryu-hojin and their lives in two countriesChan, Yee-shan; 陳漪珊2007336
Language Centre.1994132
Language planning and bilingual education: a study of the teaching of the official languages in some CanadianschoolsAnderson, Iris.1978269
Language use in a geography classroom and implications for the teaching of English: an investigation intothe language used for one topic of the geography syllabus in a fourthform class in a Hong Kong secondary schoolNg Lau, Bick-mun, Peggie.; 吳劉碧文.1981170
Linguistic convergence in the language of a four-year-old child: a case studyChan, Wai-ha, Adelaide.; 陳慧霞.1986214
Linguistic perspectives on the pedagogical problems of English 'have' verbsByron, Shelagh Anne.1989226
Linguistic problems of the Singapore writer using English as a medium,with reference to prose writings: the shortstory and the novelOu-yang, Yen-meng.; 歐陽炎明.1980250
Modifiers in the Chinese press in Hong Kong, with special reference toEnglish influenceSuen, Wai-chung.; 孫衛忠.1986219
Nintendo revolution: what is happening in videogame industry and individualsLi, King-lun.; 李景麟.2010372
Nonliteral language and the learner of EnglishMacLennan, Carol H. G.1990275
On evaluating errors produced by some L2 speakers of EnglishWong, Yuk-ling, Denise.; 黃玉玲.1985316
Pitch-accent of standard-JapaneseLai, Yuk-wah, Esther.; 賴玉華1983186
Pragmalinguistics: an analysis of power relations in speech actsLo, Chi-hung, Terence Patrick.; 盧志鴻.1989616
Prestige forms and phonological variation in Hong Kong Cantonese speechPan, Peter George.; 潘定邦1981188
Problems of translating contemporary Japanese comics into Chinese: the case of Crayon ShinchanYoung, Hiu-tung.; 楊曉彤.2008420
Rebellion as aestheticism: the dandyism of Charles Baudelaire and Oscar WildeGuan, Beibei.; 关贝贝.2010491
Second language reading and language transfer among engineering students at H.K.U.Partington, Ann.1981294
Some aspects of lexical variation in the Cantonese spoken in HongKongLau, Seck-may; 劉式湄.1981143
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