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A technical analysis of China's internet censorshipFeng, Guangchao.; 馮廣超.2007977
A thorn on the side of China: the Hong Kong Catholic Church in transitionWong, Fu-wing, James.; 黃富榮2001283
Abode-right seekers in Hong KongMak, Hing-yee, Vivian.; 麥慶儀.2001651
Battling for the environment on Peng ChauLam, Kit-yin, Canace.; 林潔賢2001344
Campaigning for communications decency in Hong KongCheuk, Wing-chuen.; 卓永椿.2001391
Characteristics of front-page medical newsLai, Yuk-yeu, William.; 賴玉耀.2010315
Competing for quality IPO: Hong Kong market fights to retain regional leadershipLee, Fo-yee.; 李科儀.2001254
Crossing the border: Hong Kong's integration with the MainlandLuk, Ho-yan, Helen.; 陸可欣2002436
Crossing the world's busiest border for knowledge: cross-border students in Hong KongWong, Mei-shan.; 黃美珊2001459
Dancing under control: online media in mainland ChinaBai, Jing; 白凈2001496
Defamation on the internetChu, Yee-ling.; 朱綺玲.2001329
Discrimination, orientation and politics: Tongzhi in Hong KongTam, Yiu-kei, Jonathan.; 譚耀基.2002308
Do harm or do less harm: identifying and addressing research gaps in media influences on suicidalityFu, King-wa; 傅景華2009369
Drug treatment in Hong KongStephen, Anil.2001246
Facing the challenge of digital information technologyLiu, Yuen-hung, Jacqueline.; 廖婉虹.2001559
Fighting for a more equal Hong Kong: a continuing struggleYeung Au, Lai-Kit, Rikkie.; 區麗潔.2002241
Finding homes and creating families: adoptionin Hong KongCafolla, Liana.2002287
Gambling: winners and losersFlanagan, Kristin.2001444
Gratifications and media use on social networking sites: a case study of Douban.comWu, Yunyu; 伍蕴瑜2009331
Growing pains: an examination of rising eating disorders among Hong Kong's youthTsang, Po-shan, Dora.; 曾寶珊2002291
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