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Reality Check for the Chinese Microblog Space: A Random Sampling ApproachFu, KW; Chau, MCL201355
Reconstruct the Image of AgingChan, YY2002110
A Record of Changes in China’s Media: a Case Study and Profiles of Leading Chinese Journalists (In Chinese)Chan, YY; Qian, G200834
Reflections from China's Media ThinkersChan, YY; Qian, G201271
Reforming Public Broadcasting In Hong KongChan, YY200498
Reimagining AmericaChan, YY200583
Remarks on an Article by a Propaganda OfficialQian, G200985
Reporting Global Health Issues- A case study of SARSAbraham, T200589
Reporting Risk: The Hong Kong Media and Avian InfluenzaAbraham, T200696
Responses to a self-presented suicide attempt in social media: a social network analysisFu, KW; Cheng, Q; Wong, PWC; Yip, PSF201320
Restoring ValuesChan, YY201317
Risk and outbreak communication: Lessons from alternative paradigmsAbraham, T2009138
RTHKQian, G201162
SARS in the MediaAbraham, T2005100
A scholar’s view: the state media have an iron grip and grand plansChan, YY2010159
Sino-Foreign Collaboration in Higher Education, a Database ApproachChan, YY201219
The Sky Won’t Fall if the Public is allowed to SpeakChan, YY201121
Social Media Takes on the Central Propaganda Ministry (社交媒體與中宣部的交鋒)Chan, YY201328
Social media: An ill-defined phenomenonWhite, J; Fu, KW; Benson, B201345
Sources and coverage of medical news on front pages of US newspapersLai, WYY; Lane, T; Jones, A2009133
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