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Battling for the environment on Peng ChauLam, Kit-yin, Canace.; 林潔賢2001344
The Best Memorials Looking History in the Eye', about the 1976 Tangshan earthquake and the importance of remembering major historical events.Qian, G2006107
Big events: a collection of citizen journalism and action in the age of digital mediaZhai, ML; Chan, YY; Qian, G201342
Blind Spots and Doubts in Coverage of the 7.5 Xinjiang IncidentQian, G2009148
Blogs and China Correspondence: Lessons about Global Information FlowsMacKinnon, R2008178
The Booming Business of Mainland NewsChan, YY201132
Campaigning for communications decency in Hong KongCheuk, Wing-chuen.; 卓永椿.2001391
A case study of Shantou University: towards a value model in Higher Education ReformChan, YY201124
Changes in reporting of suicide news after the promotion of the WHO media recommendationsFu, KW; Yip, PSF2008251
Chapter on China in State of the Asian Media ReportChan, YY2009118
Characteristics of front-page medical newsLai, Yuk-yeu, William.; 賴玉耀.2010314
Characteristics of medical research news reported on front pages of newspapersLai, WYY; Lane, T2009198
China Media Project. Hong Kong, Jan.10,2011Chan, YY201116
China Media Project. Hong Kong, Sep.14, 2010Chan, YY201022
China's Boldest Bloggers (In Chinese)Chan, YY; Qian, G; Zhai, ML200941
China's Censorship 2.0: How companies censor bloggersMacKinnon, R2009143
China's emerging public sphere: the impact of media commercialization, professionalism, and the internet in an era of transitionQian, G; Bandurski, DL2011252
China's mediaCho, L; Weisenhaus, D2009107
China's media: where we've come from, and four roads aheadQian, G201169
Chinese educational commission studentsQian, G; Wu, JC2003178
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