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A Phonological Analysis of a Cantonese-based Accent in JapaneseLai, YWE2001116
Politics of experience and identity formation in a Japanese company in Hong KongWong, HW200071
Postmodern, feminist and postcolonial currents in contemporary Japanese culture: a reading of Murakami Haruki, Yoshimoto Banana, Yoshimoto Takaaki and Karatani KōjinMurakami, F2005173
Posturing for modernity: Mishima Michiyoshi and school hygiene in Meiji JapanNakayama, I2012104
Power Politics Among Japanese Expatriates of Yaohan Hong KongWong, HW200074
Preschools and gender socialization in early childhood: a comparison of Hong Kong and JapanChan, Sui-wah, Barbara; 陳瑞華2006194
Problem-Solving vs. Relation-Building: Frame Analysis of a Negotiation between Americans and Japanese, In: Hu Wenzhong (ed.)Nakano, Y199989
Prosodic Organization and Typology: Japanese and CantoneseLai, YWE199991
Prosody and prosodic transfer in foreign language acquisition, Cantonese and JapaneseLai, Yuk-wah, Esther.; 賴玉華1999257
Prosody and Prosodic Transfer in Foreign Language Acquisition: Cantonese and JapaneseLai, EYW2002102
Prospect and Retrospect of Japanese Language Teaching and Japanese Studies in Beijing, Tianjin and Hong Kong Workshop ProceedingsMurakami, F; Chan, CY200084
Puchiburu no Kurashi-kata: Chugoku no Daigakusei ga Mita Nihon no dorama [Aspirations for a Middle-Class Lifestyle: Japanese Pop Culture on Chinese Campuses.]Nakano, Y; Wu, Y2005107
Quality of life of the institutionalized elderly: a case study of three Japanese institutions for theelderlyWu, Yongmei; 吳咏梅2000692
Radio BroadcastingNakano, Y2002103
Reality inhabited by a poet, Nishiwaki JunzaburoMiyauchi, Kazuko; 宮內和子2002259
A Recipe for Diversity: Cooking Different Varieties of Rice in Asia.Nakano, Y200674
A Recipe for Diversity: The Role of Chinese Intermediaries in Globalizing Japanese Rice CookersNakano, Y200583
Records of Japanese Visitors to Hong Kong from 1900 to 1940Chan, CY; 陳湛頤2005195
Removing a Cantonese-based Accent to Achieve Near-native Pronunciation in Foreign LanguagesLai, EYW2003110
Reporting Hong Kong: Foreign Media and the HandoverKnight, A; Nakano, Y199986
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