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Language interference in a trilingual contextLai, YW199478
Learning Cantonese Pronunciation in IPALai, EYW2006296
Livelihood, lifestyle and labor market: why older Japanese workLutzen, Andreas.2002228
Local Staff in a Japanese Supermarket in Hong Kong (in Japanese)Wong, HW1999104
Ma Chio Pao, Mo Chio Tui: Honkon Jokkikurabu hakubutsu-kan ni kan suru yobi teki koosatsu ['Ma Chio Pao, Mo Chio Tui': a preliminary observation of The Hong Kong Jockey Club Museum]Wong, HW2002135
Made in AsiaNakano, Y2007111
Make a company localized or personalized: a case study of a Japanese electric subsidiary in ShanghaiZhang, Shu; 章抒2005305
Male homosexuality in modern Japan: cultural myths and social realitiesMcLelland, Mark James.19992,066
Managerial control in a Japanese electronic manufacturing company in Hong KongTam, Sze-wan.; 譚思韻.1998281
Murakami Haruki's Postmodern WorldMurakami, F2002157
Nihon kigyoo no jinruigaku' [Anthropology of Japanese Corporations]Wong, HW200384
Nihongo Kyooiku ni okeru Bungaku Sakuhin no Atsukaikata no Kanoosei ni kansuru Ichi Koosatsu (A Method of Dealing with Literary Work in the Japanese Language Education)Murakami, F199989
Once were Japanese: a study of the elder native TaiwaneseZhou, Fang; 周芳2008256
The Overseas Student in Global City: Hong KongMurakami, F2009105
A Phonological Analysis of a Cantonese-based Accent in JapaneseLai, YWE2001116
Politics of experience and identity formation in a Japanese company in Hong KongWong, HW200071
Postmodern, feminist and postcolonial currents in contemporary Japanese culture: a reading of Murakami Haruki, Yoshimoto Banana, Yoshimoto Takaaki and Karatani KōjinMurakami, F2005173
Posturing for modernity: Mishima Michiyoshi and school hygiene in Meiji JapanNakayama, I2012104
Power Politics Among Japanese Expatriates of Yaohan Hong KongWong, HW200074
Preschools and gender socialization in early childhood: a comparison of Hong Kong and JapanChan, Sui-wah, Barbara; 陳瑞華2006194
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