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The ideal language teacher in the Hong Kong University context (in Japanese)Lui Kobayashi, M; Lai, YW1995108
Ideology and Narrative in Modern Japanese LiteratureMurakami, F199687
The influences of Japanese popular culture in Hong Kong: case studies of Japanese popular music and YaohanWong, HW; Hui, CH2005286
Introduction: Japanese Pornography and Chinese DesiresWong, HW; Yau, HY2008233
An IPA Phonetics Workbook to Help Removing a Cantonese-based Accent in EnglishLai, EYW2003233
Is the civil service an equal opportunity employer?: female civil servants in Japan and Hong KongHo, Man-yee.; 何文儀.2004573
Ito-yokado'Wong, HW2002102
J sha no nihonjin dansei Chuuzaiin no pawaaporitikkusu' [The power politics among male Japanese expatriates in J company]Wong, HW200299
Japan in Hong Kong newspaper ads: 1945-2000Nakano, Y; Wong, HW; Ogawa, M200293
Japan in Hong Kong newspaper ads: 1945-2000'Nakano, Y; Wong, HW; Ogawa, M200299
Japan in the Eyes of the Open-Door Policy Generation (in Chinese)Nakano, Y; Leung, M; Pan, Y; Li, D2002167
Japanese Adult Videos, Hong Kong Chinese Reading: Indigenising Japanese Pornographic CultureYau, HY; Wong, HW2008594
Japanese Bosses, Chinese Workers: Power and Control in a Hong Kong MegastoreWong, HW1999114
Japanese businesswomen of Yaohan Hong Kong: Toward a diversified globalization of Japanese 'ethnoscape' 'Wong, HW200299
Japanese comics coming to Hong Kong'Wong, HW2002140
Japanese expatriates as a 'crowded category': power politics among Japanese expatriates of Yaohan Hong KongWong, HW199986
Japanese Images and Perceptions in Greater ChinaNakano, Y200081
Japanese Popular Culture as a Hong Kong Identity Marker, (with Yuling Pan)Nakano, Y1999117
Japanese pornographic culture in Hong KongWong, HW1999232
Japanese Products, Chinese Intermediaries, Asian Desires: From Rice Cookers to Pop CultureNakano, Y2005119
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