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DaieiWong, HW200299
Daily Conversations in Japanese. Book TwoChan, CY1995102
Delayed marriage in contemporary Japan: a qualitative studyTokuhiro, Yoko.2004313
Demonstratives in literary translations: a contrastive study of English and JapaneseChiu, Ching-li, Lily.; 趙靜莉.1999632
Digital Fast Food: Japanese Dramas on Chinese Campuses'Nakano, Y; Wu, Y.M200283
Digital fast foods: Japanese TV dramas in ChinaNakano, Y; Wu, Y2002116
Domination by 'money power': One year after the corporatization of national universitiesOzawa, H; Nakayama, I2009106
Educational reform in Japan and Hong Kong: a comparative study of curriculum decentralizationWong, Nai-kei.; 黃乃淇.2004618
The Emergence of a New Sexual Ideal: A Case Study of Yuki Maiko's Pornographic VCDs in Hong KongYau, HY; Wong, HW2009447
Escape, exploration and pursuit: Japanese women working in Hong KongLau, Sum-yin.; 劉心硏.1998321
A few but valuable things that I learned from Nakamaki SenseiWong, HW201258
Fitzhugh, W. & Dubreuil, C. (eds.) (1999). Ainu: Spirit of a Northern People: Book reviewsRefsing, K2001312
Following the West, stillWong, DHW2008104
From Daimaru to Yaohan: Japanese retailers and the social development of Hong Kong'Wong, HW200297
From Japanese Supermarket to Hong Kong Department StoreWong, HW1998140
Genji Monogatari no Keigo (the Honarific in the tale of Genji)Murakami, F1996189
Genji Monogatari no Keiyoshi (the adjectives in the tale of Genji)Murakami, F199591
He treats me well so I please him with my body: A comparative study of the negotiation processes in sex in Taipei and Hong Kong (a joint paper with H. Y. Yau)Wong, HW2003109
Hitei Hyogen ni Tsuite (on the negative exprssions)Murakami, F199584
Hong KongMurakami, F200383
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