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The Uncertainty Decision-Making of ERP InvestmentWu, F; Li, H.Z.; Chu, LK; Gao, K2006117
A unified framework for the development of automated manufacturing systems supervisory software for the pharmaceutical industryLau, HYK; Mak, KL199967
A unified framework for the development of flexible manufacturing system supervisory softwareLau, HYK; Mak, KL199877
A unified framework for the quality management of manufacturing systems software developmentLau, HYK; Mak, KL199969
Uniform design and its industrial applicationsFang, K.T.; Chan, PLY2007108
Uniformity of incomplete block designsLiu, MQ; Chan, LY2004192
Universal access and ATM design using the virtual build methodologyLi, K; Or, CKL; Duffy, VG; Rowland, Z2004123
Use fuzzy models to assist surface modelling procedures for the simplicaiton of reverse engineering cyclesIp, RWL; So, AYC; Chan, FTS; Lau, HCW200492
The use of Taguchi methods in polishing for quality optimizationLo, VHY; Huang, GQ; Cheng, KC; Tsang, YM200790
Using case-based reasoning to evaluate supplier environmental management performanceHumphreys, P; McIvor, R; Chan, F2003179
Using data envelopment analysis for supplier evaluation with environmental considerationsSun, Z; Wong, TN; Lee, LH201342
Using genetic algorithms to solve quality-related bin packing problemChan, FTS; Au, KC; Chan, LY; Lau, TL2007154
Using simulation for planning manufacturing process to reduce product cost - a case studyChan, FTS; Ip, RWL; Lau, HCW199784
Utliization of the old tools in six sigma strategies for various industriesChan, FTS; Swarnkar, R200496
A Versatile Virtual Prototyping System for Discrete and Functionally Graded Multi-Material ObjectsChoi, SH; Cheung, HH200790
A versatile virtual prototyping system for rapid product developmentChoi, SH; Cheung, HH200687
A versatile virtual prototyping system for rapid product developmentChoi, SH; Cheung, HH2008132
Virtual agent modeling of an agile supply chain infrastructureChan, FTS; Lau, HCW; Wong, CWY; Fung, R2001101
A virtual case benchmarking scheme for vendors' performance assessmentLau, HCW; Lau, PKH; Fung, RYK; Chan, FTS; Ip, RWL2005132
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