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Taguchi's method analysis of an FMS under review-period-based operational controls: Identification of control periodicityChan, FTS; Bhagwat, R; Wadhwa, S2007151
Takayasu arteritis - A case report of aortic aneurysmLau, H; Cheng, SWK199881
A tandem architecture for cooperating knowledge-based concurrent engineering systemsHuang, GQ; Sheldon, D199464
A tandem evolutionary algorithm for platform product customizationLi, L; Huang, GQ2007102
A tandem evolutionary algorithm for platform product customizationHuang, GQ; Li, L; Chen, X200772
Tandem evolutionary product customizationRen, Z; Jiang, Z; Huang, GQ200598
A tangible user interface using spatial augmented realityChan, LKY; Lau, HYK2010167
Task analysis for behavioral factors evaluation in work system designWang, L; Lau, HYK201175
Task oriented control system for telerobotic operationAsquith, J; Brown, MH; Lau, HYK; Elosegui, P199692
Task-driven e-manufacturing resource configurable modelZhang, Y; Jiang, P; Huang, GQ; Qu, T; Hong, J2012252
TELD: Courseware Engine as a Virtual Classroom for Active and Collaborative TeachingHuang, GQ; Shen, B; Mak, KL200183
Teleoperation with a distributed multiagent-based slave manipultor control systemLau, HYK; Ng, KS200499
Telephone repairing production systemYung, Fai-ling, Bernard; 翁輝凌1978194
Textile fabric flaw detection using singular value decompositionMak, KL; Tian, XW201082
The design of a representation and analysis method for modular self-reconfigurable robotsKo, W. Y., Albert.; 高永賢.2003611
The design of an immunity-based search and rescue system for humanitarian logisticsKo, W. Y., Albert.; 高永賢.2006163
The development of an anthropometric model of Hong Kong workers: a comparative studyLee, Sean-ying; 李璇瑛.1981222
The effect of cold rolling on the formability of thermoplasticsLee, Yew-wing; 李耀榮1987298
The Impact of supplier development on buyer-supplier performanceLi, Wenli; 李文麗2001230
The influence of Chinese cultural values on management behaviour in the People's Republic of China and Hong KongCheng, Tsz-kit.; 鄭子傑.1998352
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