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Scenario analysis for Hong Kong port development under changing business environmentZhang, A; Huang, GQ2011165
Scenarios for applying RFID technology in construction project managementLu, W; Huang, GQ; Li, H2011560
Scheduling a batch processing machine with non-identical job sizes: A clustering perspectiveChen, H; Du, B; Huang, GQ2011791
Scheduling container transfers using an ant colony optimization approachPeng, P; Su, W; Mak, KL2006176
Scheduling divergent production system with multiprocessing route and common inventoryLuo, H; Huang, GQ201128
Scheduling flexible manufacturing systems using fuzzy heuristicsQiu, Jie.; 丘杰2003400
Scheduling for Assembly Islands with Fixed- Position LayoutsQin, W; Huang, GQ2008146
Scheduling landside operations of a container terminal using a fuzzy heuristicNg, WC; Ge, Y2007106
Scheduling the landside operations of a container terminal using a fuzzy heuristicGe, Ya.; 戈亞.2006263
Scheduling trucks in container terminals using a genetic algorithmNg, WC; Mak, KL; Zhang, YX2007551
Scheduling trucks in port container terminals by a genetic algorithmZhang, Yuxuan; 張宇軒2005340
Scheduling yard crane by genetic algorithmsNg, WC; Tsang, WS200699
Scheduling yard crane in a port container terminal using genetic algorithmNg, WC; Mak, KL; Tsang, WS2006111
Scheduling yard cranes in a container terminal using a new genetic approachMak, KL; Sun, D200976
Scheduling Yard Cranes in a Port Container Terminal Using Genetic AlgorithmNg, WC; Tsang, WS2005105
Select the best surface fitting approach for the reconstruction of high quality 3-D objects from range-image dataIp, RWL; Yeung, ACW; Chan, FTS; LAu, HCW2006152
Selecting a flexible manufacturing system using multiple criteria analysis integrated with Neu-Fuzzy toolsChan, FTS; Jiang, B; Chan, MH1999148
Selection of best alternative process plan in automated manufacturing environment: An approach based on particle swarm optimizationChan, FTS; Tiwari, MK; Dashora, Y2008133
Selection of optimal milling parameters by genetic algorithmLau, TL; Yang, QH199799
Self-reconfigurable search and rescue robot for emergency logistical transportationKo, WYA; Lau, HYK; Lau, TL2004112
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