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A parallel computation-based immunological framework for global optimizationLau, HYK; Tsang, WWP200790
A parallel immune optimization algorithm for numeric function optimizationLau, HYK; Tsang, WWP2009515
Pareto optimization and its realization in VMI system considering pricing, production capacity and raw material procurementYu, YG; Liang, L; Yu, Y; Huang, GQ200569
Part grouping and standardization for buyer-supplier relationship managementSun, X; Huang, GQ2002110
Participatory and collaborative learning with TELD courseware engineHuang, GQ; Shen, B; Mak, KL2002111
Participatory ergonomics for psychological factors evaluation in work system designWang, L; Lau, HYK201260
Particle Swarm Optimization based Approach for Divergent Production SchedulingLuo, H; Huang, GQ201128
Partner selection and production-distribution planning for optimal supply chain formationMak, KL; Su, W2007162
Partner selection and production-distribution planning for the design of optimal supply chain networksSu, Wei; 蘇薇2008238
The Patient Technology Acceptance Model (PTAM) for homecare patients with chronic illnessOr, CKL; Karsh, BT2006327
A PDES/STEP-based information model for computer-aided process planningMing, XG; Mak, KL; Yan, JQ199880
Perception of safe robot idle time in virtual reality and real industrial environmentsOr, CKL; Duffy, VG; Cheung, CC2009118
Perception of safe robot speed in virtual and real industrial environmentsDuffy, VG; Or, CKL; Lau, VWM2006137
Performance characteristics of multi-pocket hydrostatic journal bearingHo, Yick-sing.; 何益盛1976190
Performance evaluation of FPGA implementations of high-speed addition algorithmsYu, WWH; Xing, S1996311
Performance in frequent combined HMM based on a physiological indicator and perceived exertionLau, HYK; Choi, CY200684
Performance measurement in a supply chainChan, FTS2003187
Performance measurement in supply chainsChan, FTS; Luong, LHS; Humphreys, PK200291
Performance measurement in web-based design for xShi, J; Huang, GQ; Mak, KL2001117
Performance measures in the genetic design of digital controllers for robotic manipulatorsPorter, B; Allaoui, C1995231
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