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Object oriented system modelling for manufacturing systems specificationMak, KL; Wong, TW199694
An object oriented system modelling method for the design of flexible manufacturing systemsMak, KL; Wong, TW199684
Object tracking using a bio-inspired wireless sensor networkLau, HYK; Lai, WC2008287
Object tracking with an AIS-inspired algorithmLai, TWC; Lau, HYK2009264
Object-oriented architecture of control system for agile manufacturing cellsChan, FTS; Zhang, J; Lau, HCW; Ning, A2000392
An object-oriented frame-based prototyping approach for the development of automated manufacturing systemsMak, KL; Lau, HYK; Wong, STW1999118
Object-oriented methods for the design of automated manufacturing systemsWong, Tak-wah.; 王得華1998613
An object-oriented model for the specification of manufacturing systemsWong, STW; Mak, KL; Lau, HYK199971
Object-oriented modelling and development of flexible manufacturing cellsChu, LK199777
An object-oriented neutral feature model for feature conversionWong, TN; Leung, CB2000104
An object-oriented prototyping environment for designing automated manufacturing systems for the pharmaceutical industryLau, HYK; Mak, KL199985
An object-oriented prototyping tool for automated manufacturing systemsMak, KL; Lau, HYK; Wong, STW2000100
An object-oriented rule-based framework for the specification of flexible manufacturing systemsMak, KL; Wong, STW; Lau, HYK199976
An object-oriented specification model for flexible manufacturing systemsLau, HYK; Mak, KL; Wong, STW199880
An object-oriented specification of a flexible manufacturing cellMak, KL; Lau, HYK2000113
Object-oriented specification of automated manufacturing systemsMak, KL; Lau, HYK; Wong, STW1999117
Object-oriented technologies for automated manufacturing systems developmentMak, KL; Lau, HYK; Wong, STW1999103
Objective Evaluation Of Seam Pucker On Textiles By Using Self-organizing MapMak, KL; Li, W2008499
Objective evaluation of seam pucker using an adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference systemMak, KL; Li, W2008218
On the effect of air jet in metal cuttingIp, Shu-wo, Patrick.; 葉樹和1994335
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