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Nash game model for optimizing market strategies, configuration of platform products in a Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) supply chain for a product familyYu, Y; Huang, GQ2010203
Nash game-theoretic model for optimizing pricing and inventory policies in a three-level supply chainHuang, Y; Huang, GQ201178
NC toolpath generation for arbitrary pockets with islandsWong, TN; Wong, KW1996138
A negotiation protocol to support agent argumentation and ontology interoperability in MAS-based virtual enterprisesWang, G; Wong, TN; Wang, XH2010184
A negotiation-based multi-agent system framework for virtual enterprisesWang, G; Wong, TN; Wang, XH2009207
Nesting problem using an immune-inspired optimization algorithmWong, RHK; Lee, NMY; Chan, LKY; Lau, HYK201260
Network Curriculum Development (in Chinese)Lau, TL2002111
Networked manufacturing and mass customization in the ECommerce era: The Chinese perspectiveFan, YS; Huang, GQ2007166
A neural network approach to objective evaluation of a puckerMak, KL; Li, W2007160
A neural network based method for feature recognitionWong, TN; Lam, SM2000101
New business model for supply chain networksChan, FTS; Chan, HK; Finke, G200493
A new control chart for high yield processesChan, PLY; Xie, M; Goh, TN1997101
A new design method for broadband microphone arrays for speech input in automobilesYiu, KFC; Grbić, N; Teo, KL; Nordholm, S2002115
A new formulation for the design of FIR filters with reduced hardware implementation complexityFeng, ZG; Yiu, KFC201065
A new heuristic embedded approach for multi-constraint air-cargo loading problemChan, FTS; Kumar, N2007109
A new hybrid descent method with application to the optimal design of finite precision FIR filtersYiu, KFC; Yan, WY; Teo, KL; Low, SY2010104
A new hybrid genetic algorithm and Tabu Search Method for yard cranes scheduling with inter-crane interferenceMak, KL; Sun, D2009191
A new model for manufacturing supply chain networks: multi-agent approachChan, FTS; Chan, HK2004103
A new model of the customer-supplier partnership in new product developmentHuang, GQ; Humphreys, PK; Mak, KL200096
A new model of the customer-supplier partnership in new product developmentHuang, GQ; Mak, KL; Humphreys, PK2003132
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