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A lagrangian based immune-inspired optimization framework for distributed systemsLau, HYK; Lu, SYP2008214
A layer-based virtual prototyping system for product developmentChoi, SH; Chan, AMM2003141
Leader–follower game in vendor-managed inventory system with limited production capacity considering wholesale and retail pricesYu, Y; Huang, GQ; Liang, L2006164
A load scattering algorithm for dynamic routing of automated material handling systemsNg, AKS; Efstathiou, J; Lau, HYK200790
A logistic program for the maintenance of aircraft cabin componentsChan, KKT; Chu, LK; Sculli, D2002122
Logistics service sharing in supply hub in industrial park (SHIP)Qiu, Xuan; 邱璇201335
Long-term commodity procurement risk management using futures contracts: a dynamic stack-and-rollapproachShi, Li; 时莉2013196
Lot streaming technique in job-shop environmentChan, FTS; Wong, TC; Chan, PLY2005305
Low-power reconfigurable acceleration of robust frequency-domain echo cancellation on FPGATang, WC; Ho, CH; Sham, CW; Yiu, KFC201069
Machine requirements planning and workload assignment using genetic algorithmsPorter, B; Mak, KL; Wong, YS1995292
A machine requirements planning problem in the design of manfuacturing systemsMak, KL; Wong, YS1999105
Machine-component grouping using genetic algorithmsChan, FTS; Mak, KL; Luong, LHS; Ming, XG1998125
Machine-order search space for job-shop schedulingYang, Fengyu.; 楊丰羽.2004312
A machine-order search space for job-shop scheduling problemsChoi, SH; Yang, F2002108
A machine-order search space for job-shop scheduling problemsChoi, SH; Yang, F2003103
Machining feature recognition in polyhedronsLau, TL; Yang, Q199798
Machining process selection and sequencing under conditions of uncertaintyChan, Chung-fu, Leslie.; 陳頌富1998360
Machining process sequencing with fuzzy expert system and genetic algorithmsWong, TN; Chan, LCF; Lau, HCW2003139
A machining-oriented parameter feature-based solid modelling systemChoi, SH199492
Macro-approach of cell formation problem with consideration of machining sequenceChan, FTS; Lau, KW; Chan, PLY; Au, KC2004294
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