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A Jacobian-based Redundant Control Strategy for the 7-DOF WAMLau, HYK; Wai, LCC2002630
Java-enabled implementation of a web-based framework to support early supplier involvement in new product developmentHuang, GQ; Huang, J; Mak, KL1999111
Job enrichment in an electronic assembly shopTsang, Hing-choi; 曾慶才1978365
Job shop scheduling with artificial immune systemsQiu, X; Lau, HYK201223
Joint pricing and inventory replenishment decisions in a multi-level supply chainHuang, Y; Huang, GQ201067
Joint scheduling of material handling equipment in automated air cargo terminalsLau, HYK; Zhao, Y200673
A just-in-time evaluation strategy for international procurementHumphreys, P; Mak, KL; Yeung, CM1998156
Key issues for the success of automated warehouseLau, TL; Mak, KL2002103
Knowledge acquisition for product development in knowledge gridZhen, L; Jiang, Z; Huang, GQ; Liang, J2008271
A knowledge based CAPP system for prismatic and shaft partsMing, X; Mak, KL; Yan, JQ; Ma, DZ1997109
Knowledge representation for multi-agent negotiations in virtual enterprisesWang, XH; Wong, TN; Wang, G2011165
Knowledge sharing and utilization of the ontological agent-based virtual enterprisesWang, Xiaohuan; 王晓欢2011268
Knowledge transfer and sharing with IT infrastructure to improve competitive advantagesChu, LK; Chow, MYC; Sculli, D2003111
A knowledge-based advisor of injection mold design for plastic product developmentChin, KS; Wong, TN; Mok, ACK1994121
A knowledge-based approach to automated machining process selection and sequencingWong, TN; Siu, SL199587
Knowledge-based evaluation for the conceptual design development of injection molding partsChin, KS; Wong, TN199683
A knowledge-based online workflow scheduling systemChoi, SH; Kang, SG2005312
A knowledge-based online workflow scheudling systemKang, S; Choi, SH2006107
A knowledge-based system for fault diagnosis in plastic injection mouldingLuong, LHS; Chan, FTS; Ip, RWL199796
A lagrangian based immune-inspired optimization framework for distributed systemsLau, HYK; Lu, SYP2008214
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