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Fabric defect detection by Gabor Wavelet NetworksMak, KL; Peng, P; Leung, WK2005144
Fabric defect detection using morphological filtersMak, KL; Peng, P; Yiu, KFC2009119
Fabric defect detection using multi-level tuned-matched gabor filtersMak, KL; Peng, P; Yiu, KFC2012227
Facilities design in the cold storage industryTang, Wing-piu, Richard; 鄧永彪1978678
Facilities Planning and Enterprise logisticsZhu, YX; Chu, LK2004182
Facility planning for a gas manufacturing plantChui, WC; Chu, LK1994105
Factorial effects on the performance of closed-loop asynchronous automatic assembly systemsLeung, WK; Ng, WC201086
Factors affecting home care patients' acceptance of a web-based interactive self-management technologyOr, CKL; Karsh, BT; Severtson, DJ; Burke, LJ; Brown, RL; Brennan, PF2011165
Factors affecting intentions to purchase via the internetSo, WCM; Wong, TND; Sculli, D2005112
Factors affecting wear land stress in metal cuttingPun, Wing-kwong, Digby.; 潘榮光1988589
Factors affecting web-purchase intentions in Hong KongSo, Wing-chiu.; 蘇穎昭.2002723
Failure mode and effect analysis (FMEA) over the WWWHuang, GQ; Shi, J; Mak, KL2000116
Failure time distribution and economic design of components under a d -shock modelLi, Z; Yuan, Z; Chan, PLY1999142
Fatigue modeling for combined high frequency manual material handling tasksLau, HYK; Choi, CY200695
Feasibility of performance measurement system for supply chain: A process-based approach and measuresChan, FTS; Qi, HJ2003175
Feasibility study of a central coordinating system for supply chainsChan, FTS; Chung, SH; Chu, KF; Lau, HCW; Ip, RWL; Tsim, YC200299
Feasibility study on a central coordination system for managing a large supply base through supply chain collaborationChan, FTS; Chung, SH; Tang, NKH200293
Feature conversion between neutral features and application featuresWong, TN; Leung, CB199583
Feature conversion between neutral features and application featuresWong, TN; Leung, CB1995127
Feature extraction of the deformed patterned textileFeng, ZG; Yiu, KFC; Mak, KL201183
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