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e-Commerce solutions for supply chain management: a comparative reviewLau, SK; Huang, GQ; Mak, KL2001106
An e-logistics system for sea-freight forwardingWong, TN; Chow, PS; Sculli, D2010313
Early order completion contract approach to minimize the impact of demand uncertainty on supply chainsChan, HK; Chan, FTS2006196
Early supplier involvement in new product development on the Internet: Implementation perspectivesHuang, GQ; Huang, J; Mak, KL2000117
Early Supplier Involvement in New Product Development with WeBid: A Case Study on Video Conferencing SystemHuang, GQ; Zhao, JB; Mak, KL200398
An echo cancellation solution for voice control devicesYiu, KFC; Ho, CH; Huo, JQ; Nordholm, S2009100
An economic and open approach to the integration and control of equipment for flexible automationChoi, SH; Lee, JSL; Chu, LK; Lau, TL; Mak, KL; Wong, TN; Yu, WWH199489
Economic design of a complete inspection plan with interactive quality improvementNg, WC; Van Hui, Y199763
An economical sculptured surface machining approach using fuzzy models and ball-nosed cuttersIp, RWL; Lau, HCW; Chan, FTS2003136
An economical sculptured surface machining approach using fuzzy models and ball-nosed cuttersIp, RWL; Chan, FTS; Lau, HCW200083
EditorMak, KL2000142
EditorMak, KL2006167
Editor-in-ChiefChan, FTS2007130
Editorial: Concurrent enterprising for mass customizationJiao, RJ; Huang, GGQ; Tseng, MM200451
EditorsHuang, GQ; Blecker, T2008138
Effect of air jet in metal cuttingLau, Shing-pui, Alex.; 劉醒培1985303
Effect of kanban size on just-in-time manufacturing systemsChan, FTS2001168
The effect of surface characteristics of polymeric materials on the strength of bonded jointsNiem, PIF; Lau, TL; Kwan, KM199663
Effect of visual item arrangement on search performanceLai, Po-yan.; 黎寶欣2001220
An effective heuristic for scheduling a yard crane to handle jobs with different ready timesNg, WC; Mak, KL2005125
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