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A cable-driven bilateral teleoperator systemLau, HYK; Wai, CC2002122
A CAD/CAM package for free-surfaced mould cavitiesChoi, SH1994356
A CAD/CAM package for sheet metal cup drawingChoi, SH199497
A CADCAM package for mould cavities for bottlesChoi, SH199389
A CADCAM package for single-flighted extunder screwsChoi, SH; Wong, ACY199296
A CADCAM package with filtering capability of digitized surface data for mould cavitiesChoi, SH199587
A CADCAM system for sheet metal blanking diesChoi, SH; Wong, KW199597
Case based polishing process planning with fuzzy set theoryNgai, BKK; Huang, GQ; Zhang, Y; Chen, X; Lo, VHY2008427
A case of implementing RFID-based real-time shop-floor material management for household electrical appliance manufacturersQu, T; Yang, HD; Huang, GQ; Zhang, YF; Luo, H; Qin, W2012602
A case study on application of uniform design in electronics manufacturing (abstract only)Chan, PLY200287
A case study on BPR to manufacturing industryChan, FTS; Ip, RWL; Lau, HCW; Nagalingam, SV; Lin, GCI1997217
Case-based polishing process planning with Fuzzy Set TheoryZhang, Y; Huang, GQ; Ngai, BKK; Chen, X2010133
A CAVE-based multi-material virtual prototyping systemChoi, SH; Cheung, HH2006117
A CAVE-based VR simulation system for safety enhancement of forklift truck operations in warehousesYuen, KK; Choi, SH; Yang, X2010115
A change management framework for macroergonomic field researchHolden, RJ; Or, CKL; Alper, SJ; Joy Rivera, A; Karsh, BT2008150
A chaotic ant colony optimization method for scheduling a single batch-processing machine with non-identical job sizesCheng, BY; Chen, HP; Shao, H; Xu, R; Huang, GQ200870
Characteristics and techniques of industrial purchasing procedures in Hong Kong electronics industryTang, Shun-yau.; 鄧順有.1979529
A characterization for orthogonal arrays of strength two via a regression modelChan, LY; Fang, KT; Mukerjee, R2001113
Circular neighbour-balanced designs universally optimal for total effectsAi, M; Ge, G; Chan, PLY2007111
The classification and measurement of flexibility in flexible manufacturing systemsChoi, SH; Lee, JSL1997110
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