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Beamspace blind signal separation for speech enhancementLow, SY; Yiu, KFC; Nordholm, S200973
A best-fitting algorithm for optimal location of large scale blanks with free-form surfacesShen, B; Huang, GQ; Wang, X; Mak, KL2000135
A best-fitting algorithm for optimal location of large-scale blanks with free-form surfacesShen, B; Huang, GQ; Mak, KL; Wang, XC2003158
A bi-objective model for supply chain design of dispersed manufacturing in ChinaZhang, A; Luo, H; Huang, GQ201341
A bilevel programming approach to assembly job shop schedulingHuang, GQ; Lu, H2009180
Bio-inspired algorithms for single and multi-objective optimizationTsang, Wai-pong, Wilburn.; 曾瑋邦.2009358
A bio-inspired intelligent approach to motion planning for mobile robotsChoi, SH; Zhu, WK2011212
A bio-inspired multi-agent control frameworkLau, HYK; Wong, VWK; Ko, AWY2005232
A bio-inspired object tracking algorithm for minimising power consumptionLai, WC; Lau, HYK2010118
A branch and bound algorithm for hoist scheduling of a circuit board production lineNg, WC1996113
A branch and bound algorithm for scheduling just-in-time mixed-model assembly linesNg, WC; Mak, KL199471
Brokering the customer-supplier partnership in product design and realization over the World Wide WebHuang, GQ; Mak, KL2003140
A bus inspection policy based on delay-time analysisChu, LK; Ho, SL1999147
Business process modelling in small- to medium-sized enterprisesTam, ASM; Chu, LK; Sculli, D2001661
Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) in manufacturing - a case studyChan, FTS; Chan, APC; Young, AMC1997135
Business process re-engineering of Hong Kong's SME: a case studyChu, LK; Leung, WW; Mok, PYF2000127
Business Process Re-engineering of Hong Kong's SMEs: A Case StudyChu, LK; Leung, WW; Mok, PYF2000112
A cable-driven bilateral teleoperator systemLau, HYK; Wai, CC2002123
A CAD/CAM package for free-surfaced mould cavitiesChoi, SH1994356
A CAD/CAM package for sheet metal cup drawingChoi, SH199498
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