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A bio-inspired object tracking algorithm for minimising power consumptionLai, Wai-chung.; 賴偉聰.2009651
A CAD/CAM system for sheet metal blanking diesWong, Kai-wing.; 黃啓榮1991582
A comparative study of assembly job shop scheduling using simulation, heuristics and meta-heuristicsLü, Haili.; 吕海利.2011395
A computer aided experimental system for milling force modellingCheung, Chi-ming, Reuben.; 張志明1995344
A customer relationship management tool for sea-freight forwardersChow, Pui-shing.; 周沛誠.2004697
A customer responsive model for managing the clothing industry supply chain in China's Pearl River DeltaYeung, Ho-wah, Alice.; 楊皓華.2006418
A full-immersive CAVE-based VR simulation system of forklift truck operationsYuen, Ka-kei.; 源嘉祈.2011231
A fundamental study on prototyping flexible computing systemsXing, Shanzhen.; 邢山震1999372
A generic fatigue model for frequently performed, highly repetitive combined material handlingChoi, Chun-yeung.; 蔡振揚.2006245
A genetic algorithm approach in distributed scheduling in multi-factory production networksChung, Sai-ho; 鍾世豪2006254
A genetic algorithm approach to production scheduling in an ion plating cellAu, Kam-chi, Gigi.; 區淦芝.2004426
A genetic algorithm based approach for air cargo loading problemKumar, Niraj2006430
A genetic approach to simultaneous scheduling of container handling operations in a container terminalZhang, Lu; 張璐2009338
A hand input-based approach to intuitive human-computer interactions in virtual realityYang, Xibei; 杨曦贝2010316
A hidden Markov model approach to force-based contact recognition for intelligent robotic assemblyNgan, Choi-chik.; 顔才績.2002288
A holistic approach to designing cellular manufacturing systemsLau, Ka-wing; 劉家榮2004419
A hybrid evolutionary algorithm for optimization of maritime logisticsoperationsWong, Yin-cheung, Eugene.; 黃彥璋.2010300
A hybrid multi-agent system architecture for manufacturing cell controlTang, Hon-ping.; 鄧漢平.2005255
A knowledge based process planning system for prismatic partsSiu, Sai-leung.; 蕭世良1991262
A life-cycle-oriented negotiation framework for supply chain management: an agent-based approach withhybrid learningFang, Fang; 方芳2007317
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