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Aerobic fitness in Southern Chinese primary school childrenCheng, Chi-hong.; 鄭子康.2005334
Determinants of sustained volunteerism in Hong KongCheung, Chor-heung, Joanna.; 張楚香.2009365
Development and validation of objective measures to study the effects of the built environment on residents' walkingChan, Ka-wai; 陳家煒2009262
Establishing criteria to assess levels of habitual activity in Hong Kong studentsWong, Peggy.; 黃碧琪.2005370
Examining the influence of marginally modified constraints on motor behaviourGao, Naichun.; 高乃春.201356
Exploring cortical activity during implicit and explicit processes in motor learningZhu, Fan, Frank; 朱凡2010265
Exploring the application of analogy in speech motor performanceTse, Choi-yeung, Andy.; 謝采揚.201346
Exploring the impact of core stability on performanceTse, Michael A.2009368
Exploring the interaction between implicit and explicit processes in motor learningPoolton, Jamie M.2007208
How the built environment affects physical activity and healthChan, Kwok-cheung, Anson.; 陳國璋.2010457
Influence of the microflora on gastrointestinal nitric oxide generation: Studies in newborn infants and germ-free animalsSobko, T200622
Information over function: a reappraisal of the perception-action modelDe Wit, Mattheus Maria.2013107
Motivational orientations and sport participation in youth: a comparison of achievement goal theory and reversal theorySit, Hui-ping, Cindy.; 薛慧萍2002305
Perceived self, parental and situational factors in physical activity participatory behavior of Hong Kong children and youth: a test of Ajzen's theory of planned behaviorChow, Chi-kin.; 周志堅.2002539
Some associations between neighbourhood recreation facilities and moderate-to-vigorous physical activity in Hong KongLee, Ka-yiu.; 李嘉耀.2012207
The attentional demands of implicit motor learningLam, W. K.; 林永佳.2008391
The conversion of sedentary time to active time in children: the role of activity enhanced video game playMellecker, Robin Rochelle.2010296
The effects of socio-economic status on physical activity participation in Hong Kong adolescents: asocial ecological approachLee, Lok-chun, Janet.; 李樂真.2012527
The health-related benefits of dog-ownership in Hong KongChow, Lok-yan.; 周樂欣.2012289
The pattern of physical activity in childrenChu, Yuet-wah.; 朱月華.2007289
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