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Saivism in Indonesia during the Hindu-Javanese periodGhose, Rajeshwari.1966358
Salisbury, Harrison E.Roberts, PM200074
Salisbury, Harrison E.Roberts, PM199869
SaseboRoberts, PM199976
Sasebo, JapanRoberts, PM201070
Schlesinger, Arthur M., Jr.Roberts, PM199966
Schuman, Jean-Baptist Nicolas Robert (1886-1963)Roberts, PM200376
Scouting in Hong Kong: citizenship training in a Chinese context, 1910-2007Kua, Paul.; 柯保羅.2010405
Searching for a new road: a study of the aimsand dilemma of political system reform in the People's Republic ofChina in the 1980sPoon, Yick-man.; 潘奕文1997215
Sebald, William J.Roberts, PM199967
Sebald, William JosephRoberts, PM201057
Sex, Culture and Modernity in ChinaDikotter, F19952,298
Shanghai History. Back to the futureMacPherson, KL2002179
The Shanghai model in historical perspectiveMacPherson, KL1996107
Shanghai's Pudong New Area in historical perspectiveMacPherson, KL199480
Shattered lives? The end of medieval English monasticism and its impact on the ex-religionsCunich, PA199878
Short, Joseph H.Roberts, PM199956
Short, Joseph H., Jr.Roberts, PM201068
Shultz, George PrattRoberts, PM200883
Sinclair, Upton Beal, Jr. (1878-1968)Roberts, PM200393
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