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'Race in China'Dikotter, F2006130
Radhakrishnan, SarvepalliRoberts, PM199993
Rau, Sir Benegal NarsingRoberts, PM199975
Rau, Sir Benegal NarsingRoberts, PM201075
Reading Hitler: British newspapers' representation of Nazism, 1930-39Lai, Chun-yue, Eric.; 黎振宇.2004595
Reagan, RonaldRoberts, PM199872
Reagan, RonaldRoberts, PM200064
Regionalism in early mediaeval China (206 B.C. - 589 A.D.)Chin, Fa-ken, Frank.; 金發根1988279
Report on the Fourth International Conference on the Evolution of the East Asian EnvironmentMacPherson, KL199569
Reporters and their sources in a 'hidden' war: international news coverage of Cambodia, 1979-1991Clarke, Judith Lesley.1999206
Representations of adolescence in the modern city: Voluntary provision and work in Nottingham and Saint-Etienne, 1890-1914Pomfret, DM2001136
Research in Private PapersRoberts, PM200569
Resistance, peace and war: the Central China Daily News, the South China Daily News and the Wang Jingwei Cliqueduring the Sino-Japanese War, 1937-1945Chiu, Ming-wah.; 趙明華.2005313
Return to Seoul MovementRoberts, PM199969
Return-to-Seoul movementRoberts, PM201077
The Review of the Archives regarding the History of Hong Kong Maritime CustomsAu, CK; Choi, SH201099
'Revolution and Crisis in English State Finance, 1534-47'Cunich, PA199986
Rhee, SyngmanRoberts, PM201088
Rhee, Syngman, assassination attempt onRoberts, PM201084
Rights to the City: Urban Land Reform and Municipal Power in ChinaMacPherson, KL199967
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