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'Damage: A Logic of Evil'Cristaudo, WA200594
'The Dark Heart of the Family Romance in Ang Lee's Lust, Caution (2007)'Sabine, MA2009111
David Bruce as Head of the U.S. Liaison Office in Beijing, 1973-1974Roberts, PM200377
Davies, John PatonRoberts, PM200269
Davies, John PatonRoberts, PM200073
Davies, John Paton, Jr.Roberts, PM2002112
Dean, Arthur H.Roberts, PM200071
Deceit and Surveillance': Child Slavery in Hong Kong and Singapore, 1918-1940Pomfret, DM200377
Deceit and Surveillance: Child Slavery in Hong Kong and Singapore, 1918-1940Pomfret, DM200478
The Defining Theme: Anglo-American Relations in Philip Lothian’s WorldviewRoberts, PM200891
Degler, Carl N.Roberts, PM199966
Delayed accommodation: United States policiestowards Hong Kong, 1949-60Law, Yuk-fun.; 羅玉芬.2001426
Destination qiaoxiang: Pearl River Delta Villages and Pacific ports, 1849-1949Williams, Michael2002757
Developing a Web-based 'electronic textbook' for first-year History undergraduates; panel on 'IT in education at the University of Hong Kong: Guiding principles and educational examples'. (published in Global Education on the Net, edited by Tai-Wai Chan,Cunich, PA199867
Diasporic Chineseness after the rise of China: Communities and Cultural ProductionKuehn, JC; Louie, KH; Pomfret, DM201332
Diplomatic relations between China and Great Britain since 1927Chun, Zai-ziang.; 陳瑞祥.1941873
The Discourse of Race in Modern ChinaDikotter, F1992575
The DissolutionCunich, PA199872
Dissolution and De-Conversion: Institutional Change and Individual Response in the 1530s'Cunich, PA199885
Dissolution and Deconversion: Monks in Post-Reformation England and WalesCunich, PA199772
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