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Hong KongClarke, DJ199672
Hong Kong Art and the Transfer of SovereigntyClarke, DJ1997101
Hong Kong Art ArchiveThe University of Hong Kong; Clarke, DJ2003192
Hong Kong Art BibliographyClarke, DJ200283
Hong Kong art photography: from its beginnings to the Japanese invasion of December 1941Lai, Kin-keung, Edwin.; 黎健強.1996672
Hong Kong Art: A Bibliographic GuideClarke, DJ200484
Hong Kong Art: Culture and DecolonizationClarke, DJ2001119
Hong Kong Artists and the 1997 Transfer of SovereigntyClarke, DJ199883
The Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre ExtensionClarke, David J1999270
The Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre Extension (published in Chinese translation)Clarke, DJ200297
Hong Kong TimeClarke, DJ200080
Hong Kongness, Chineseness and modernity: issues of identity in Hong Kong artClarke, DJ1995280
Hua Yen, 1682-1756: his life and artTsang, Ka Bo.; 曾家寶1983350
Huang Binhong (1865-1955) and his redefinition of the Chinese paintingtradition in the twentieth centuryKotewall, Pik-yee.; 蘇碧懿1998289
Huishi Fawei: the theoretical writing of Tangdai (1673 - after 1752)Lam, Susan Y. Y.; 林亦英1999251
The Imagery of St. Agnes of Rome in the Salisbury Breviary (Paris, BN MS Latin 17294)Muir, CD200385
Impossible DialogueClarke, DJ200382
Impressionism and Global ModernityThomas, GM200576
Impressionist Dolls: On the Commodification of Girlhood in Impressionist Painting'Thomas, GM2000106
In pursuit of classical professionalism: a consistent feature of Zhang Daqian and his artLaw, Suk-mun, Sophia.; 羅淑敏2000334
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