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Elizabeth Frink's new manClarke, DJ199596
Ellen PauClarke, DJ199682
Envisioning authority: the Mongol imperium and the Yonglegong mural paintings and architectureLi, Chun-tung.; 李俊彤.2012245
Exchanging Portraits: The Art of Diplomacy in 19th Century South ChinaKoon, YW200995
An Exemplar of Marian Devotion: St. Hermann-Joseph of Steinfeld, His Life and IconographyMuir, CD199988
Exile From Tradition: Chinese and Western Traits in the Art of Lin FengmianClarke, DJ2000116
Exile From Tradition: Chinese and Western Traits in the Art of Lin FengmianClarke, DJ2004103
Faiva DatabaseThe University of Hong Kong; Stanley-Baker, PR2002881
Fashioning food in impressionist paintingWong, Sau-mui, Alice; 黃秀梅2011101
Feng Zikai's (1898-1975) Manhua on the theme of childrenTo, Pui-yee, Perry.; 杜培義1999313
ForewordClarke, DJ199975
ForewordClarke, DJ199764
Found in Transit: Hong Kong Art in a Time of ChangeClarke, DJ1999113
'A Frail Woman'? Visual Portrayals of St. Catherine of Alexandria's Debate with MaxentiusMuir, CD200189
From aestheticism to the modern movement: Whistler, the artists Colony of St. lves and Australia, 1884-1910Thomson, Jonathan Wyville.2003213
Hong KongClarke, DJ199672
Hong Kong Art and the Transfer of SovereigntyClarke, DJ1997101
Hong Kong Art ArchiveThe University of Hong Kong; Clarke, DJ2003192
Hong Kong Art BibliographyClarke, DJ200283
Hong Kong art photography: from its beginnings to the Japanese invasion of December 1941Lai, Kin-keung, Edwin.; 黎健強.1996671
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