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Between east and west: negotiations with tradition and modernity in Hong Kong artClarke, DJ1994153
The Bourgeois Family and Modern Identity in Impressionist PaintingThomas, GM200188
Breaking Down Barriers: The Art of Kwok Mang HoClarke, DJ199993
Breaking Down Barriers: The Art of Kwok Mang Ho (published in Chinese translation)Clarke, DJ200292
Bride or Bridegroom? Masculine Identity in Mystic MarriagesMuir, CD2001119
Bride or Bridegroom? Masculine Identity in Mystic MarriagesMuir, CD2004120
Catolugue Entry Essay: Luo Ping's Ghost Amusement scrollKoon, YW2009174
Chair of a panel 'The Hybrid 19th Century'Thomas, GM200384
Chair of a panel entitled 'Landscape and Ecology in Historical Perspective'Thomas, GM200084
Chao Chung-HsiangClarke, DJ200278
'Chao Chung-hsiang' published in association with the traveling exhibition jointly presented by the National Art Museum of China, Beijing and the Shanghai Art Museum, with an international tour opening at the Museum of History, TaipeiClarke, DJ200495
Chen shizeng (1876-1923) and the reform of Chinese artGao, Xindan.; 高昕丹.2004286
China trade painting: 1750s to 1880sLee, Sai-chong, Jack.; 李世莊.2005266
Chitqua's English Adventure: An Eighteenth Century Source for the Study of China Coast Pidgin and Early Chinese Use of EnglishClarke, DJ2005132
Christ as Bridegroom and Mary as Bride: Mystic Marriages in Christian Thought and ArtMuir, CD200195
Christian faith in the art of Wu Li (1632-1718)Fung, Nok-kan, Nicole.; 馮諾勤.2012260
Collecting and picturing the orient: China's impact on nineteenth-century European ArtWong, Mei-kin, Maggie.; 黃美堅.2003543
Conference Proceedings 'Modernism in Hong Kong Art' delivered in the panel [Art and Modernism in China, 1900-1997]Clarke, DJ199798
Contemporary Asian Art and its Western ReceptionClarke, DJ2002179
Contemporary Asian art and its western receptionClarke, D2002130
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