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Uncanny perceptions of urban space in painting and film: a comparison of the works of Edward Hopper and Wong Kar-waiChan, K. K., Kylie C.; 陳琪琪2007613
Uncivil Society, or, Orientalism and Tiananmen, 1989Vukovich, DF2009255
Understanding Japanese animation: from Miyazaki and Takahata animeHu, Tze-yue, Gigi.2002347
Unfamiliar time and space: the actualization of sexual identity in KoreaTsang, Sze-wan.; 曾詩韻2009300
Using Film and Video to Teach about Asians and Asian Americans Across the CurriculumMarchetti, G200675
Vietnamese Diaspora in FranceHa, MOY2003133
Violence, postcoloniality and (re)placing the subject: a study of the novels of Margaret AtwoodTrapani, Hilary Jane.1994210
Virginia Woolf's To the lighthouse, Mrs Dalloway and OrlandoChan, Big-yu, Cindy.; 陳碧瑜.2000400
Virtuality and the city: Benjamin against BaudrillardZhang, Lei; 張磊2003664
Visible/invisible space: representation and remapping of a globalizing ChinaLeung, Lai-pik, Anne; 梁麗碧2007222
Voices of Negotiation in Late Twentieth Century Hong Kong Literature'Cheung, EMK200391
Wagering love between desire and discipline: a study of sexual power in Eric Rohmer's Six moral talesLai, Wai-ting, Thomas.; 黎偉廷.2011270
Wang, J. (1996). High Culture Fever: Politics, Aesthetics, and Ideology in Deng's China: Book reviewsLee, GB1998291
Where has all the horror gone?: a study of horror in contemporary cinemaYau, Suk-ying, Shirley.; 邱淑瑩.2000177
Whither (or Wither) Chinese Women’s Films? BAO’BER IN LOVE and THE JADE GODDESS OF MERCYMarchetti, G200588
Whither (or Wither) Chinese Women’s Films? BAO’BER IN LOVE and THE JADE GODDESS OF MERCYMarchetti, G200476
Women characters in Shakespeare comedies: a feminist perspectiveSiu, Wai-ching.; 蕭惠貞.1990439
Women, God and Feminism: Fred Zinnemann's The Nun's Story'Sabine, MA199995
Wong Kar-wai: the filmmaker of solitudeTsui, Kin-chung.; 徐建忠.2002289
Works of laziness: writing slothWong, Ho-wing.; 黃可穎.2011141
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