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Race and gender in the works of Maxine Hong Kingston, Alice Walker andToni MorrisonHui, Fung-mei, Sandra.; 許鳳薇.2004921
Raping mail/males: reading and writing in Clarissa: y Ho Poi-yan Ingrid.Ho, Poi-yan, Ingrid.; 何蓓茵1997326
Re-appropriating identity: the case of MadameButterfly and M. ButterflyChan, Wai-mun.; 陳慧敏.1996367
Re-examining Asian discourses on sustainability in a network societySt. Maur Sheil, Sean David Miles.2005222
Re-reading Jane Eyre and Wide Sargasso SeaNg, Chi-mei.; 吳芷薇1996373
Reading 'heterology'Ng, Yin-ting, Irene.; 吳燕婷.2002163
Reading 'Third World' women's autobiographyChui, Siu Shan, Remy.; 徐少珊2000292
Reading beyond "Happily Ever After": refiguring the Disney narrative of femininityCheung, Ting-yan.; 張婷欣.2005721
Reading consumption: image, identity and consumption in late-capitalist societyTse, Ngo-sheung; 謝傲霜2002491
Reading Everlasting Regret: The Urban Vantage Point in Literature and Film (in Chinese)Cheung, EMK2006101
Reading male and nation trouble in Yu Dafu (郁達夫) and Guo Moruo (郭沫若)Hsu, Yuk-kwan.; 許旭筠.2005353
Reading the 'Hong Kong Trauma' in Wayne Wang's The Chinese Box'Cheung, EMK200079
Reading the Handmaid's taleSarrazin, Timothy M. C.2002313
Reading the Hong Kong Trauma in Wayne Wang's Chinese BoxCheung, EMK200189
Reading the past or reading the present?: human experience at the crossroads of narrativeLi, Ping-leung.; 李炳良.2002190
Reading the Personal Narratives of French Colonial Women from IndochineHa, MOY200073
Recapturing the past: the pillow book in the present ageLam, Tsui-yee.; 林翠怡2009213
Reconfigurations of gender: contemporary Chinese drama 1979-1989 : the politics of re-inscribing sexualdifferencesWang, Hui; 王卉2000490
Reflected selves: representations of male homosexuality in Wilde, Gide, Genet and WhiteLee, Wai-sum, Amy.; 李慧心1995279
Reinterpreting a queer experience: a study ofStanley Kwan's films and their receptionHo, Ka-hang, Jason; 何家珩.2006545
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