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A comparative study of three translations of Gan Xiao Liu JiKwok, Hong-lok.; 郭康樂1994303
A generation 'betwixt and between': youth, gender and modernity in 1920s and 30s middlebrow women's writingJin, Xiaotian.; 金小天.2010358
"A lady wanted": Victorian governesses abroad1856-1898Yang, Hao-han, Helen.; 楊浩涵.2008967
A linguistic study of interrogation in Cantonese: comparisions [sic. comparisons] with EnglishWu, Kam-yin.; 胡錦賢1989287
A man for all reasons: colonialism and the cult of masculine reticence in Kipling's writingNightingale, Nicola.1998280
A question of identity: a study of three Indian novels in English of the nineteen eightiesMathai, Kavita.1996331
A study of tense and aspect in Caryl Phillips crossing the riverChoi, Sze-wai, Tony.; 蔡詩偉.1999244
A study on the construction of identity in the blogging world among Hong Kong adolescentsTsang, Man-ying.; 曾曼瑩.2011310
A stylistic approach to J.R.R. Tolkien's: Thehobbit and The lord of the ringsCheung, Ka-yee.; 張家怡.2004440
A unity of opposites in the poetry of Robert FrostChun, Oy-ling; 陳愛玲1974259
An analysis of gender and discourse with reference to data from the Hong Kong International Corpus of EnglishWoo, Ka-hei, Michelle.; 胡嘉熙.1999277
An evaluation of W.B. Yeats's treatment of Irish Subject-matter in hispoetryHuang, Guobin.; 黃國彬.1975316
Balcony romance: stage distance andclosureLee, Jun-yu, Phoebe.; 李俊妤.2005503
Between romance and realism: patterns of fulfillment in Ann Radcliffe's 'A Sicilian Romance' and JaneAusten's 'Pride and Prejudice'Kong, Pui-ming, Ivy.; 江佩明.1999317
Between self and subjectivity: women in threenovels by Jean RhysWong, Tee-vee, Vivian.; 黃天慧.2003312
Black humor in Raymond Carver's short fictionZhou, Jingqiong.2004325
British left-wing writers and China: Harold Laski, W.H. Auden and Joseph NeedhamXu, Xi; 徐曦2013114
Categorization and L2 vocabulary learning: a cognitive linguistic perspectiveXia, Xiaoyan.; 夏晓燕.2011459
Changing stereotypes: linguistic and semiotic aspects of modern women's image in Hong Kong TV advertisingChan, Yin-ling, Grace.; 陳妍齡.1995291
Chinese middle cosntructions [i.e. constructions] : lexical middle formationXiong, Jiajuan; 熊佳娟201312
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