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Object reconstruction from adaptive compressive measurements in feature-specific imagingKe, J; Ashok, A; Neifeld, MA2010356
Object reconstruction in block-based compressive imagingKe, J; Lam, EYM201222
Object tracking and matting for A class of dynamic image-based representationsGan, ZF; Chan, SC; Shum, HY2005739
Object tracking for a class of dynamic image-based representationsGan, ZF; Chan, SC; Ng, KT; Shum, HY20051,114
An object-based approach to image/video-based synthesis and processing for 3-D and multiview televisionsChan, SC; Gan, ZF; Ng, KT; Ho, KL; Shum, HY2009780
An object-based approach to plenoptic video processingChan, SC; Gan, ZF; Shum, HY2007185
An object-based approach to plenoptic videosGan, ZF; Chan, SC; Ng, KT; Shum, HY20051,184
Object-based coding and transmission for plenoptic videosWu, Qing; 吳慶20081,299
Object-based coding for plenoptic videosNg, KT; Wu, Q; Chan, SC; Shum, HY2010370
An object-based compression system for a class of dynamic image-based representationsWu, Q; Ng, KT; Chan, SC; Shum, HY2005640
Object-based rendering and 3D reconstruction using a moveable image-based rendering systemZhu, ZY; Zhang, S; Chan, SC; Shum, HY2011213
Object-Based Rendering and 3D reconstruction Using a Moveable Image-Based SystemZhu, Z; ZHANG, S; Chan, SC; Shum, HY201276
Observation and investigation of graphite superlattice boundaries by scanning tunneling microscopyPong, WT; Bendall, J; Durkan, C200792
Observation of anomalous resistive transition around 160-200 K in Y 5Ba6Cu11Ox thin filmsMa, QY; Chang, CA; Yang, ES199173
Observation of ion gettering effect in high temperature superconducting oxide materialHong, SH; Chen, ML; Baniecki, J; Ma, Q; Wang, A; Odom, RW1996292
Observation of large-scale features on graphite by scanning tunnelling microscopyPong, WT; Bendall, J; Durkan, C200572
Ocean circulation on the Intel Paragon: modeling and implementationLeung, KaCheong; Ahmad, Ishfaq; Hsu, HsiaoMing199666
Odd-even input-buffered multicast switchLiu, NH; Yeung, KL199966
OFCDM: A promising broadband wireless access techniqueZhou, Y; Ng, TS; Wang, J; Higuchi, K; Sawahashi, M2008299
Off-line signature verification based on a smoothness indexFang, B; Leung, CH; Tang, YY; Cheung, PYS199994
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