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A n new method for active power filter current control based on optimal voltage vectorZeng, J; Diao, Q; Ni, Y; Chen, S; Zhang, B2000197
N2 Algorithm for the multiple scattering solution of N scatterersChew, WC198947
Nanocomposite field effect transistors based on zinc oxide/polymer blendsRoy, VAL; Xu, ZX; Stallinga, P; Xiang, HF; Yan, B; Che, CM2007139
Nanocomposite hole injection layer for organic device applicationsOey, CC; Djurišić, AB; Kwong, CY; Cheung, CH; Chan, WK; Nunzi, JM; Chui, PC2005201
Nanoimprint lithography: a polyferroplatinyne precursor for the rapid fabrication of L10-FePt-type bit patterned media by nanoimprint lithographyDong, Q; Li, G; Ho, CL; Faisal, M; Leung, CW; Pong, PWT; Liu, K; Tang, BZ; Manners, I; Wong, WY2012107
Nanoparticle-induced resonant tunneling behaviors in small molecule organic light-emitting devicesZheng, T; Choy, WCH; Sun, Y2009178
Nanopatterning GaN with microspheresNg, WN; Wang, XH; Leung, CH; Lai, PT; Choi, HW2008118
Nanopatterning GaN with MicrospheresNg, WN; Wang, X; Leung, CH; Lai, PT; Choi, HW200784
Nanosecond optical parametric oscillator based on highly-nonlinear dispersion-shifted fiberCheung, KKY; Zhou, Y; Wong, KKY2009111
Nanosphere lithography for nitride semiconductorsFu, WY; Choi, HW2010140
Nanostructured nitride light emitting diodesChoi, HW2009103
Nanostructures based on two binary II-VI semiconductorsChoy, WCH; Guo, C; Pang, KH; Leung, YP200594
Nanostructures based on two binary II-VI seminconductorsChoy, WCH; Guo, C; Pang, K H; Leung, YP2006103
Nanostructuring for nitride light-emitting diodes and opticalcavitiesLi, Kwai-hei.; 李攜曦.2013132
Nanostructuring GaN using microsphere lithographyNg, WN; Leung, CH; Lai, PT; Choi, HW200883
Narrow-linewidth idler generation in fiber four-wave mixing and parametric amplification by dithering two pumps in opposition of phaseHo, MC; Marhic, ME; Wong, KYK; Kazovsky, LG200269
Naturally commutated resonant circuit for soft-switched invertersZhang, J; Hui, SYR1993107
Naturally soft-switched high-frequency gate drive circuit for power MOSFETs/IGBTsTang, SC; Hui, SYR; Chung, H1999121
Near vacuum ultraviolet luminescence of Gd3+ and Er3+ ions generated by super saturation upconversion processesChen, G; Liang, H; Liu, H; Somesfalean, G; Zhang, Z200978
Near-field multiple scattering effects of plasmonic nanospheres embedded into thin-film organic solar cellsSha, WEI; Choy, WCH; Liu, YG; Cho Chew, W2011120
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