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Label Switching and Gigabit RoutersZheng, J; Li, VOK199985
A laboratory setup of a power transmission line system scaled model for testing and validation of sensor network applicationsTam, SCF; Pong, PWT2010173
A Laboratory-Based Smart Grid Sensor Network TestbedCheung, LF; Wong Lui, KS; Wong, KKY; Lee, WK; Pong, PWT201333
Lamp arc resistance modelling of high-intensity-discharge (HID) lampsCao, X; Yan, W; Hui, SYR; Chung, H2002118
A lamp power control scheme for dimmable electronic ballasts to minimize the temperature effect on the lamp brightnessChan, SSM; Chung, HSH; Hui, SYR200599
Lane detection by orientation and length discriminationLai, AHS; Yung, NHC2000648
LANSIM and its applications to distributed EMSLun, ShauMing; Lo, Tetiana; Wu, Felix; Murphy, Liam; Sen, Amitava1993332
A laplace transform-based method to stochastic path findingUludag, S; Uludag, ZE; Nahrstedt, K; Lui, KS; Baker, F200968
Lapped orthogonal transform with integer coefficientsNallanathan, A; Chan, SC; Ng, TS1999271
Large scale computations using FISCSong, JM; Chew, WC200039
Large scale computing with the fast Illinois solver code - requirements scaling propertiesSong, Jiming; Chew, Weng Cho199830
Large signal dynamic model of vertical cavity surface emitting lasersYu, SF1995241
Large-area, high-quality self-assembly electron transport layer for organic optoelectronic devicesZhang, D; Choy, WCH; Xie, FX; Li, X201291
Large-scale 3D subsurface conductivity imaging using full-wave forward modelingWang, GL; Chew, WC; Cui, TJ; Wright, DL; Smith, DV200540
Large-scale computation for electrically small structures using surface-integral equation methodChu, YH; Chew, WC200535
Large-signal dynamic behavior of distributed-feedback lasers including lateral effectsYu, SF; Plumb, RGS; Zhang, LM; Nowell, MC; Carroll, JE1994330
Large-signal modeling of power conversion systems with independent inputsChau, KT; Chan, CC199472
Largely extended light-emission shift of ZnSe nanostructures with temperatureChoy, WCH; Leung, YP201184
Laser micro-machining of three-dimensional microstructures in optical materialsWang, XH; Lai, PT; Choi, HW2009193
Laser micromachining of optical microstructures with inclined sidewall profileWang, XH; Lai, PT; Choi, HW2009370
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