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H-infinity versus Kalman filtering for depth estimationHung, YS; Yang, F1999165
Half-sine and triangular despreading chip waveforms for coherent delay-locked tracking in DS/SS systemsThayaparan, S; Ng, TS; Wang, J2000418
Handling of multi-reflections in wafer bump 3D reconstructionCheng, J; Chung, R; Lam, EY; Fung, KSM2008176
Handy information display systemYang, ES; Yau-Yee Tam; Pang, GKH; Cheung, SW; Kai-Wing Tse; Paul Chi-Kong Kwok1999206
Handy Information Display SystemYang, Edward S.; Tam, Yau Yee; Pang, Grantham Kwok Hung; Cheung, Sing Wai; Tse, Kai Wing; Kwok, Chi Kong Paul2001190
HANDY INFORMATION DISPLAY SYSTEMYang, ES; Tam, Yau-Yee; Pang, GKH; Cheung, SW; Tse, Kai-Wing; Kwok, Paul, Chi-Kong1999110
Hankel-norm model reduction with fixed modesHung, YS; Muzlifah, MA199064
Hardward implementation of charging coordination for electric vehicless to reduce maximum current demandChau, KT; Chan, SW; Chan, CC200284
Hardware and Control Implementation of Electric Springs for Stabilizing Future Smart Grid with Intermittent Renewable Energy SourcesLee, CK; Chaudhuri, B; Hui, SYR201356
The hardware development for indoor UWB positioningQiao, D; Pang, GKH2010103
Hardware Task Scheduling in FPGA-Based Reconfigurable Embedded Computing SystemsKwok, TO; Kwok, YK2007147
Harmonic analysis and comparison of permanent magnet vernier and magnetic-geared machinesLi, J; Chau, KT; Li, W2011102
Harmonic analysis of power system signals using a new regularized adaptive windowed lomb periodogramZhang, ZG; Chan, SC2010168
Harmonic Evaluation of the Traction System by Monte Carlo SimulationYe, ZM; Pong, MH; Lo, WC; Yuen, KH199987
Harmonic evaluation of traction system by Monte Carlo simulationYe, Zhongming; Pong, MH; Lo, WC; Yuen, KH1999392
Harmonic reduction by charging coordinationChau, KT; Chan, MSW; Chan, CC200185
Harmonic reduction in DC-link current of a dual-inverter pole-changing induction motor drive for electric vehiclesJiang, SZ; Chau, KT; Chan, CC2003153
Harmonic resonances due to a grid-connected wind farmZheng, R; Bollen, MHJ; Zhong, J2010179
Harmonic simulation of traction systemLai, Tsz-ming, Terence.; 黎子明.2000288
HAWK: Halting Anomalies with Weighted choKing to rescue well-behaved TCP sessions from shrew DDoS attacksKwok, YK; Tripathi, R; Chen, Y; Hwang, K2005159
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